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This page offers answers to frequently asked questions. If you have more questions which are not addressed here, please contact us by e-mail or phone.

    Who is Matchoffice and where is the company located?

    Matchoffice is headquarted in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we have over 3,600 business centers listed on our website from North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.Our extensive database provides our customers with a comprehensive list of centers and locations to choose from.

    Which services does Matchoffice offer?

    Matchoffice matched over 2,000 businesses with selected business centers in 2011. Our database is user-friendly and offers a broad selection of serviced offices, ensuring that there is an office for everyone’s needs. 

    Which types of offices are offered on Matchoffice’s website?

    Matchoffice specialises as an office broker for serviced offices. We therefore offer only serviced office listings on our website. This includes all types of serviced offices (such as open or closed work stations or day offices) as well as virtual offices and meeting rooms which are offered by most serviced office providers.

    Who owns the business centers on Matchoffice’s website?

    Various providers’ business centers are listed on MatchOffice’s website. It is therefore possible to compare business centers from  multiple providers. Our services allow you to receive offers from several providers with only one request.

    How do I receive pricing information?

    Matchoffice does not publish pricing information on our website.Please order information for a center or multiple centers and then contact the business center(s).

    Can I call MatchOffice to request information on a center?

    Yes, you can call our client contact center in order to get in touch with us by phone: +45 39 45 85 61. Please note that we will still need your contact details including your name, phone number, and e-mail address in order to pass on your request to the business center.

    How do I arrange a tour of a business center?

    Once you have ordered and received the contact information for a center on our website, you may contact the business center to set up a tour. When ordering information, you can also use the comment field to notify the business center that you would like to book a tour. Matchoffice will pass on your request to the business center.


    What will my contact information be used for?

    Your contact details will be passed on to the centers which you order information from and which match your requirements.
    In return, you will also receive the business center’s contact details. We will not pass on your information to anyone besides the business centers. The business centers may contact you in order to talk with you personally about renting an office from them.
    We will also save your contact details in our database in order to inform you when we receive new listings of centers in your area of interest. This is a personal service to our customers, and you may opt out of this service at any time.

    I have received information from Matchoffice’s website, but I have not yet received a phone call or an e-mail from the center. What should I do?

    Most of our cooperating centers contact the potential customer as soon as possible in order to answer your questions and give you further information. However, feel free to contact the center personally if you do not hear from them soon after submitting the request via our website. You will find all of the necessary contact details for the center in the e-mail we sent to you.



    I have questions regarding a specific center. Who should I contact?

    Since Matchoffice is not involved in the lease process, it is best to order information on the center through our website and thereafter use the contact details supplied by Matchoffice to contact the center and ask any questions you may have. However, the Matchoffice team is more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have about using our website and finding the center that is best for you.

    What are business centers and serviced offices?

    Business centers, serviced offices, executive suites, instant offices, flexible offices, and managed offices are all terms which refer to offices or entire centers where all or part of the office operations are outsourced. These additional services provide more advantages than conventional offices.

    What is included in the monthly price of a serviced office?

    Generally, there is a monthly overhead per person. Included in this price are taxes and rent, as well as amenities such as air-conditioning, heating, broadband, furniture, lighting, receptionist services, maintenance and cleaning services, security, insurance, and access to kitchen and toilet facilities. Please note that even though computers are typically not included, some centers may have exceptions. The services offered vary from one center to another, and our comprehensive database allows you to find the center and services which best suit your needs.

    What should I expect to pay for a serviced office?

    The monthly price is a comprehensive price including rent, utilities, and extra services. The monthly price of serviced offices may seem high at first, but because the price includes all of the additional costs of running an office (not just the rent), they are a rather cost-effective solution. This is supported by the fact that serviced offices have become the fastest growing market in the property sector.

    Why should I choose a serviced office instead of a traditional office?

    Serviced offices ensure more flexibility, and the fixed monthly overheads do away with any uncertainty regarding unforeseen, extra expenses. Serviced office options give you the flexibility to move in and out of an office with short notice and avoid the commitment of a long-term lease. Reducing or expanding the size of your office space is also an easy transition in a business center. These flexible options ensure noticeable savings in the long run. In fact, customers can save between 15-35 % by choosing this option.

    What are the terms for a lease with a serviced office

    Lease terms vary between each serviced office and are flexible depending on the customer’s needs. The minimum rental period is generally three months, and the price may be affected if you would like the option of terminating the lease early.

    Which types of companies and individuals use serviced offices?

    Due to the numerous benefits associated with serviced offices, the popularity of serviced offices continues to grow. They are suitable for both large-scale, international companies and start-up companies, regardless of sector or industry.

    What are the advantages for start-up companies?

    The first few months are important for a new business. With a serviced office, you can avoid the multiple practicalities of moving into a new office. With the help of various services and amenities, your business will function as an established business from day one. You will efficiently eliminate unforeseen expenses and administrative tasks that are not directly related to starting up and running your business. Lastly, as your business grows, you have the flexibility of moving your business to a larger office.

    What are the advantages for established companies?

    A growing number of established companies are choosing serviced offices due to their convenience, attractive prices, and services. These companies often use serviced offices for short-term projects, for local office space in a foreign country, or for a temporary office between two lease periods. Serviced offices allow companies to focus on their core competences by giving them the opportunity to outsource office operations.

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