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Your perfect Abu Dhabi business center

Abu Dhabi is the capital and a government center of the UAE. Apart from this, it is the largest city of the eponymous  Emirate and one of the most progressive and modern cities in the world. The metropolis is also home to government offices, the UAE President and Government. The high-speed development and urbanization alongside the high purchasing power of the population, has shaped the city as a vast and ultra-modern urban zone. Today it is a major cultural and commercial center and contributes about two-thirds to the $400-billion state economy. There are around 40 neighborhoods here, and most of them are experiencing ongoing developments and constructions.

Business is thriving here, and many companies and individual entrepreneurs opt for serviced offices as they provide the flexibility and conveniences traditional offices cannot rival. On our website, you can find your ideal Abu Dhabi business center with the workspace of your dream. It is free for business tenants, and you can contact the landlord directly.

Best locations for office rent

Bayn Al Jassrayn (“Between Two Bridges") is the name of the mainland area in close vicinity to the city with hotels, a mall with food courts, and spectacular beaches. There are residential and commercial properties in this neighborhood as it is quiet and comfortable for both living and working. It is only a 20 minutes' drive to the center and 15 minutes from the airport.

TCA, which stands for Tourist Club Area,  is one of the neighborhoods on Abu Dhabi island. It derives its name from a leisure club, which is not operating anymore. TCA is not the place for tourists only as many might think, but a lively zone with tall residential and office buildings, and therefore, quite a big choice of commercial spaces for rent. No matter what location you will choose, every Abu Dhabi business center offers such facilities as parking, reception, cafeteria, and, of course, the possibility to network with other entrepreneurs, which cannot be underestimated.

Development Projects

The Abu Dhabi Plan 2030 green-lights the development of high-rises, which will result in the construction of numerous new skyscrapers over the next ten years, in particular on Al Sowwah and Al Reem islands within the expansion of the central business district, where many Abu Dhabi business centers concentrate. Al Maryah Island is in the northeast of the city and is currently being developed by Mubadala to become a new city center.  If you search for an office location, this evolving area is worth considering. The development of the island is happening in phases which will include construction of many offices as well as residential buildings, hospitals, and entertainment infrastructure. Sowwah Square, in particular, will accommodate the new stock exchange and new serviced offices Abu Dhabi will boast.

City life

The public transport makes all points of the city easily accessible. Abu Dhabi International Airport follows the one in Dubai very closely in terms of passenger volumes. Abu Dhabi has an extraordinarily diverse and multicultural society. There are many top-class educational institutions, including state-sponsored.  Football is a passion for many residents, who go to watch games at one of the city`s four arenas: Al Jazeera Stadium, Sheikh Zayed, Al Wahda stadium Football Stadium and Hazza Stadium. Modern sports facilities can be found in Zayed Sports City. The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the landmark one mustn`t miss. It is one of the most important architectural gems of the contemporary UAE and one of the most extravagant in the world. Without a doubt, the city is a very attractive business destination, and office space lease in an Abu Dhabi business center is always a great idea.

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