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Why rent office space in business centers of Toronto?

Toronto is the most populous city in Canada and number four in North America. Ideally located between NY City, Chicago, and Montreal, Toronto is the country`s financial heart and a growing global business hub. The city is ethnically diverse: around 130 languages and dialects are spoken here, with 50 percent of the population being of foreign origin. If we consider all of its natural escapes, safety and big-city amenities like dining, shopping, and vibrant culture, it will all make Toronto even more attractive and an excellent choice for doing business. Probably the most significant factor in favor of renting an office in one of Toronto`s comfortable business centers is that according to Forbes magazine, Canada is 'Best for business' among Group of Twenty countries. In making it to the top spot, Canada was graded on 11 factors including taxes, property rights, stock market performance, technology, and innovation.

Office lease in Toronto Financial district, Liberty Village, and the Junction

The Financial district is the commercial anchor of Toronto. To entrepreneurs who can afford business premises here, it is almost unrivaled. The PATH (biggest underground shopping chain in the world) makes it a popular choice for lovers of shopping. It seems like there are all kinds of big businesses here from bank giants to high-tech companies like Google. Liberty Village is another progressive neighborhood, which has emerged as a center for hi-tech start-ups, media, and entertainment. Commercial properties available for rent here include a broad selection of storefronts, restaurants, galleries and large offices. The Junction, named after the intersection of the city’s four main rail lines, was formerly a separate town known as West Toronto. Nowadays it is a flourishing spot of commercial activity, especially attractive for its low office rent prices and the wide availability of spaces.

Great for commuters

Today’s Toronto’s public transport system comprises 1.200 km of routes and includes subway, buses, streetcars and also an inter-regional commuter railway, making it super convenient to get around the city no matter where you choose to rent your office. The subway system has two major lines and other two secondary ones, which go to outer ends. The rest of Toronto is mainly covered by 150 bus routes, including the Blue Night Network, which operates at night. One more important factor which adds up to overall convenience is an airport railway running between Union Station in Central Toronto and Pearson International Airport.

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