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Why rent flexible office space in business centers of Zurich

Zurich is the largest Swiss city and one of the most influential in the world. For a few consecutive years, Zurich has been ranked as the city where the quality of life is the highest. It has beautiful green areas, well-developed infrastructure and great opportunities for education and work. However, it also among the most expensive globally.

The city is one of Europe`s key financial centers. Most Swiss banks have headquarters here as well as the Swiss Stock Exchange ( SIX Swiss Exchange). This sector generates around a third of its GDP and employs a quarter of all workforce. The other leading industries are gold trading, biotechnology, medicine, automotive, aerospace, textiles, and tourism. Switzerland also has low tax rates – an additional benefit for international companies which rent office space in Zurich.  For instance, over 250 hi-tech firms and research institutions are based in Zurich Technopark.  It is not surprising that the city offers a vast array of business centers, where one can find ultra-modern flexible office space with facilities often included in the price.

Business centers in Zürich West and Zurich Nord Oerlicon

Although Zurich is divided into 12 administrative districts, different parts of the city have their own names.

Dotted with construction sites, Zurich West is a rapidly developing new business district where more and more companies rent office space. It used to be an industrial area. But now spacious factories and warehouses are renovated and converted into trendy office complexes, restaurants, and homes.  It is a convenient location thanks to Hardbrücke train station, which makes Zurich West well-connected to the suburbs. It also attracts young people as there are many entertainment options in the Escher-Wyss-Platz area with many clubs. Frau Gerolds Garten in Zurich West is one of the most popular community hubs in the city. The district is the home to the tallest building in Zurich - Prime Tower, which is mainly used as an office building.

Another popular office lease location is Zürich Nord – Oerlikon. Its main advantages are excellent infrastructure with many hotels and parks, and proximity to the airport. It also boasts the biggest conference and event hall in the city – Hallenstadion.

Advantages of other Zurich areas  

The old town consists of two areas – Niederdorf on the eastern bank of Limmat river and Lindenhof -on the western one. Niederdorf is a lively location attractive for tourists who like its medieval looks. There are many cafes, restaurants and outdoor terraces here, and one can enjoy strolling along Limmatquai. Lindenhof is in the Lindenhof quarter, which a great place for shopping and dining, with Bahnhofstrasse being one of the most well-known shopping streets in the world. This street also serves as a border, after which the City spreads towards the lake encompassing Paradeplatz and the business district.

Seefeld district is located on the eastern shore of Zurichsee (Lake Zurich) with a beautiful promenade. Residential properties are very popular and thus expensive here. Locals swim, sunbathe and have barbecue parties here. 

Langstrasse is the street that connects district 4 and 5. Nowadays it is a cosmopolitan spot with a vibrant nightlife.

Enge & Wollishofen is located on the western shore of Lake Zurich. Although it is not so popular as Seefeld, it has Rieterpark and Belvoirpark gardens.

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