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Why rent office space in Cologne?

You will not  find another city where the medieval gothic temple would be so close to modern twisted skyscrapers made of glass and concrete. And this combination appeared to be pretty organic. Furthermore, it helps Cologne to stay economically successful with its offices, business centers, and technoparks, as well as to keep its charming atmosphere. Cologne has been an important economic center of Germany since the Roman Empire, and it remains to be one nowadays. It is a home for numerous airline corporations, automotive companies and German media giants. 30% of German TV shows are made in the region of Cologne.

Top locations

Offices in Cologne are relatively cheap, yet very comfortable and eco-friendly. Cologne was wholly renovated after WWII and medieval architecture has been combined with the modern one. Decades later, Cologne keeps on combining the spirit of ages with high-tech buildings. Such business centers, as Westgate, Ring Karree, Koelntriangle and, of course, Kranhaus are the examples of the modern architecture of the city. Office suits in Cologne are comfortable and affordable.
Commercial properties in Cologne are also well-known for its eco-friendly systems. Solar energy, wind power, fully-recycling materials, used in construction and decoration, provide an opportunity for everyone in the office space to take care of the planet and keep healthy lifestyle as well.


Most of Cologne business centers are on the left bank of the river Rhine, in the Innenstadt district and alongside the ring road. This area has more than 7 subway stations (U-Bahn) and more than 20 tram stations. The closest to business area U-Bahn stations are Ubierring, Rudolfplatz, Friesenplatz, Hansaring, and Ebertplatz. The territory between these stations also has several parks and green areas, numerous restaurants and cafes, hotels and leasing apartments.In total, there are 18 lines of city rail transport, including U-Bahn, S-Bahn and Deutsche Bahn trains. In addition, there are more than 30 bus lines. Wide, well-designed roads prevent traffic jams. As a result, it takes up to 35 minutes to get from the workplace you rent to your home. Cologne airport is the third in Germany by cargo transportation. It’s a hub for FedEx and UPS. The airport provides comfortable conditions for commercial flights as well. You can quickly get from Cologne to more than 35 countries directly.

Doing business in Cologne

Well, starting the business in Cologne is not harder than in any other part of Germany. It takes up to 20 days to register the company. When it starts to operate, the first thing you need is an office. Office is the face of the business. Even when you work online - it is much easier to focus on the work you do in the comfortable office area. Especially you can feel that in Cologne. Work spaces here are close to greenparks, where you can meditate or relax, cafes, where you can have business meetings, and central U-Bahn stations, to get home fast and easy. To rent a best office in Cologne - check our website and see the options available.

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