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June 2019
Physical stores 1
Jun 02

Trend: Online shops increase their business by opening physical retail stores

An increasing number of web shops and brands - initially born for a life on the Internet - prioritize to combine their business with physical stores in empty retail stores - because we all prefer to shop more online ... Read more

Kontor on the go top 02
Jun 01

Coworking on the go - exotic office workspace at the palm beach

The Central American country Belize on the Caribbean Sea coast is among the increasing number of exotic gems worldwide offering impressive coworking spaces on the go. Read more

May 2019
Flexible workspaces 1
May 31

Flexible office workspaces still on the rise in 2019 - and into the 2020s

The global commercial markets for flexible workspaces and innovative space solutions at the office workplace will keep on the rise in 2019 and into the 2020s also according to a recently published research by the European property investment group Catella. Read more

May 31

Nordic warning: Open space offices are killing your well-being and job satisfaction

For two decades, employers have praised the open office space for its positive influence on employee´s knowledge sharing, collaboration, and innovation. Now, Nordic researchers are warning: Open-plan office kill employees´ motivation, engagement and job satisfaction. Read more

March 2019
Office desk cycling
Mar 05

Start cycling at work - 10 minutes per hour makes you more fit and focused

Too much sedentary desk and office work can lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and similar lifestyle diseases. Desk cycles gain increasing popularity and contribute to earning your recommended minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity a day. Read more

Coworking base tips
Mar 05

10 most useful tips for searching and finding your future coworking base

The global coworking trend and spirit continues its tremendous breakthrough and success with a more extensive selection of exciting, creatively designed coworking environments to choose from than ever. Read more

Office reception top reduced
Mar 05

How strategically does your company strive to welcome clients and guests

The reception and lobby area reflects the brand, soul, vision, ambitions of the company - or should do. How does the welcome Space of your own business communicate the right strategic signals to your daily clients, customers and other guests ...? Read more

December 2018
Dec 04

The Client Survey 2018: Health and well-being top demands for flexible workspaces

Focus on health and wellbeing regarding interior design and technological facilities, etc. is an increasing trend when tenants prioritize and choose flexible work environments - the new MatchOffice Client Survey 2018 confirms. Read more

Amsterdam 1 reduced
Dec 03

Coworking breaks through as an integral part of the corporate real estate industry

Currently, corporate real estate giants are massively entering the flexible office space sector, including the global coworking market - one of many significant insights of the recently held Coworking Europe 2018 in Amsterdam. Read more

Activity based office
Dec 02

Activity-based office spaces increase and change your work life - forever

Seven out of 10 real estate executives want, according to a new CBRE survey, activity-based workplaces in their corporate environments. A recent Swedish study indicates how activity-based office space and areas should be designed optimally. Read more

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