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May 2022
May 30

Office in the war zone: Danish company works on high alert in Ukraine

In the early morning hours of February 24th, the Danish IT company MatchOffice leapt directly into the red threat scenario of the crisis plan that director Jakob Dalhoff and his management team had already begun preparing several weeks in advance. Read more

March 2022
Mar 04

I am sad and stressed, but incredibly impressed with the fiery fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people

Jakob Dalhoff, CEO and owner of and, is fighting to keep courage up and morale high for himself, his family and foremostly the 40 Ukrainian employees at the headquarters of the Danish it-company in Lviv. Read more

Mar 01

The market is booming again: Coworkers head back to their popular office workstation

Two years with covid have accustomed office employees to work independently and flexibly at home. Now that working life is gradually normalizing, a lot of office workers intend to maintain their newfound flexibility - in a coworking space. Read more

February 2022
Feb 28

Numerous office employees will insist on homework after the pandemic

Numerous studies point to the consensus that thousands of global office workers will insist on continuing to work from home when the pandemic and its restrictions once again ease off the global labour market. Read more

Feb 27

2022 trends - this is how your office workflow and job will be

In almost two years, the pandemic maintains an iron grip over the global work life. 2022 will be the year when companies and employees will bring their new hybrid workflows and flexible individual ways of working into the function for the future beyond the covid. Read more

Feb 27

12 benchmarks for your working hours at home and on the distance

Working hours from home and at a distance will remain a central theme for the companies in 2022 and beyond. New Swedish research reports 12 benchmarks that companies can follow when planning future workflows. Read more

Feb 27

Worn and depressed by covid and homework - then go for a workation

Two years of covid forced homework can erode the inspiration, motivation and commitment of most office workers. Take a break from all the restrictions with a workation combining the necessary and useful with the comfortable. Read more

Feb 26

The turnaround of serviced office: From victim to the victor of post-pandemic CRE market

In the spring of 2020, thousands of depopulated coworking and serviced office spaces feared that they would have to turn the key - after the pandemic, they can now present a record-high approach and refilled premises, the annual MatchOffice Client Survey shows. Read more

December 2021
Dec 06

Flexible workspace market: The future of the industry

What’s the point of the flexible office in general? How is the industry going to change in case there will be any changes at all? At least for now, it seems like a vivid fact that spending all the working time in the office and committing to the regular working schedules is already in the past. Read more

November 2021
Nov 30

Global office market activity lists back on track beyond the pandemic

Global demand for office spaces is again rising after a year and a half of the corona crisis with drastic lease declines. The world's leading office providers now expect approx 10% larger office rental compared to 2020. Read more

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