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March 2018
Seats 2 meet
Mar 12

How this coworking platform turned 10 years by offering workspaces for free

Seats2meet recently celebrated the first 10 years pioneering the Dutch coworking spirit, trend and market as a facilitator of environments where people can use their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm to add value to a greater good. This is how Read more

Working remotely1
Mar 11

Survey: Still more employees are willing to work outside the office

Almost every second office worker wants to work outside of the daily workstation occasionally, according to the annual survey from the US office supply giant Staples. Read more

Coworking growth 1
Mar 10

Coworking in explosive growth - forecast predicts global doubling of spaces

The tremendous demands for coworking spaces and flashy facilities continue the explosive growth. Now a forecast predicts a doubling of global coworking spaces - from nearly 15,000 in 2017 to over 30,000 in 2022. Read more

January 2018
Quarterly reportingq42017 2 reduced
Jan 19

Quarterly Partnership Reporting Q4 2017

The fourth and last quarterly partnership report for 2017 is now ready! Get brand-new performance numbers from MatchOffice and get to know more about best-practice workflow for MatchOffice partners. Read more

December 2017
Co working coolest matchoffice
Dec 11

Co-working coolest - 10 creative options of flashy social workstations around the world

The number and diversity of exciting, fancy co-working spaces are globally exploding these years. MatchOffice News has found 10 spectacular options of top trendy and flashy co-working workstations around the world. Read more

Survey0 reduced
Dec 08

Client survey rules out your old office: Flexible workplaces conquer the world

Your old traditional office is definitely over and out. The future belongs to the spacious, social and flexible workplace that has been dominating every corner of global business in the recent years. Read more

Dublin 1
Dec 06

Increasing demands for flexibility turn serviced offices into coworking spaces

Just a year ago, serviced offices and new coworking spaces were still considered as two independent industries - today the two concepts are increasingly assimilating into the same overall market product. Read more

Mo kinnarps top reduced
Dec 04

Smart online tool: How sustainable is your new office furniture

Europe's largest manufacturer of office furniture Kinnarps launched the interior design industry's first online tool that helps you check the sustainability of the materials of your new office furniture. Read more

Co working restaurants
Dec 01

Hot trend: Popular restaurants and cafés turn into co-working spaces at daytime

Up through this decade, the co-working trend has moved thousands of employees from their traditional office spaces into new flexible environments. Now a hot new option is popping up for startups: co-working spaces arranged in empty city restaurants and cafés at daytime. Read more

October 2017
Oct 31

Quarterly Partnership Reporting Q3 2017

The third quarterly partnership report is now ready! Get brand-new performance numbers from MatchOffice and still including the workflow for MatchOffice partners. Read more

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