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June 2017
Jun 28

Coworking trends lift the serviced office to new heights

The trend of coworking is one reason why the serviced office is able to maintain its fantastic progress worldwide for the third year in a row, and lift its rental rates to new heights. The new Industry Survey from MatchOffice gives all the latest figures Read more

Jun 06

Patina, atmosphere and trendy co-working in old Copenhagen courthouse

Behind the well-known, imposing columns that were until years ago part of the courthouse of Nørrebro, a district of Copenhagen, Nomad Workspace has recently opened its doors. It’s the city's latest bid for coworking, just a few steps from a lively café mecca Read more

Jun 03

Regain your concentration in the open office space

The modern open office has its clear advantages, but it nonetheless can cause concentration problems in many workplaces. Businesses need to handle the noise problem. Read more

Ordnungtopfotomo reduced
Jun 01

All’s in Ordnung in Copenhagen - coworking with prestige

Everything is literally in perfect order in the new stylish coworking space Ordnung+, located in Copenhagen’s Hellerup district. Read more

May 2017
May 22

Ticket sale for popular coworking conference in Dublin has kicked off

Workers in the real estate industry can finally buy tickets to one of the most prominent coworking conferences in autumn, Coworking Europe Conference, which among others is being sponsored by MatchOffice Read more

Quarterly reporting 01  1
May 19

Quarterly Partnership Reporting Q1 2017

MatchOffice proudly present to all our partners, for the first time ever, a new interesting one-pager. Read more

May 07

The modern suggestion box

Established companies still have a lot to learn when it comes to being innovative. Ideanote is a new Danish digital tool that helps boost your ideas. Read more

Exercise mo
May 06

On your toes for 60 mins

Office people should spend at least an hour every day on physical activities to prevent/offset the harmful effects of their sedentary work behind a desk, warns a British study.   Read more

April 2017
Apr 28

New MatchOffice website

Interface upgrades, unified visual identity and new features for providers are among the exciting upgrades to planned for this year. Read more

Apr 13

NYC office-sharing startup now among world's richest

By tapping into the freelancing boom WeWork attract sky-high valuation. Read more

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