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January 2017
Jan 12

11 ways to keep focus

Staying focussed all day at the office can be tough. Can you manage it? Try our 11 useful tips to improve concentration and increase focus at your desk. Read more

Jan 05

Maximising sales and customer satisfaction

Sales are the driving force behind any business enterprise. Take control of your sales by reading through our top tips on how to make the most from them. Read more

December 2016
Takforia  r2
Dec 15

Thanks for working with us in 2016!

This year has seen unprecedented development for MatchOffice, growth into new markets, the merger with our sister company and a host of new staff in all sectors. Thanks for all of your support and hard work with us, and a happy new year to you! Read more

October 2016
Hej 1
Oct 27

How to make your profile stand out

We've seen a lot of office profiles, and a lot of deals go through. We know what works and what doesn't. Get our four tips on how to optimize your profile on Read more

Oct 20

Designing a better working day

As the name for an office space which reeks with immaculately curated style, 'Design Offices' is a good one. Every day, in ten locations across Germany, workers from creative industries and those inspired by aesthetics make their way to the ultra-modern, super-chic locations.  Read more

Oct 14

The Coworking Effect

As companies move away from cubicles and towards cortados, the phenomenon of coworking is changing productivity in the workplace. Read more

Oct 06

Optimising search in 2016

We spoke to MatchOffice SEO consultant Christian Højbo Møller for the latest tips on pushing to the front in the cut-throat world of internet browsing. Read more

September 2016
Sep 30

Contract length on the rise

One of the most striking results of MatchOffice's 2016 industry survey was the effect of the last twelve months on contract length - a healthy 15.2 percent of serviced offices saw year-on-year increases. Read more

Topfoto occupancy
Sep 20

Serviced offices reveal occupancy record rates

As a way of working, the concept of serviced offices has never stood stronger - more than half of Europe's business centres can boast of a rental rate of more than 80 percent, according to a new multi-nation survey from MatchOffice. Read more

Sep 05

Business building blocks

Crowdsourcing is the latest problem-solving, research and marketing tool used by the smartest companies to further their business goals. Read more