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April 2017
Apr 07

The future in an office

The open space office faces an upgrade: Living Office is the more attractive workplace of the future that generates greater social well-being, creativity, productivity, and better results for the company as well as employees. Read more

March 2017
Coworking article reduced
Mar 07

What’s it like to work in a coworking space?

We spoke to some of the clients of trendy European coworking spaces – SmartWork and DARE2mansion to find out what draws them to a more collaborative way of working. Read more

Survey artikel
Mar 01

New Client survey: Larger companies choose serviced offices

Serviced offices have a reputation for being all about freelancers and the smallest of businesses, but medium-sized enterprises are muscling in on the flexibility and reaping the rewards. Read more

February 2017
Regus topfoto
Feb 21

Choosing a new way to work on the move

Regus Express is offering business space solutions for travellers for as little as an hour and as long as a year. Read more

Open spaces typo3
Feb 14

Opening up serviced offices for clients in 2017

Our new client survey reveals that open spaces were a hit for clients in 2016, and that despite noise concerns, open-plan offices are here to stay. Read more

Feb 03

Going Underground in Madrid

A new serviced office in Spain is leading the way in creative coworking. Read more

January 2017
Motivationtopfoto reduced
Jan 21

Get motivated now!

Motivation is a word that gets bandied around in the workplace. But what is motivation? And how can you increase your self-motivation that of co-workers? Read more

Concentrationtopfoto reduced
Jan 12

11 ways to keep focus

Staying focussed all day at the office can be tough. Can you manage it? Try our 11 useful tips to improve concentration and increase focus at your desk. Read more

Salestopfoto2 reduced
Jan 05

Maximising sales and customer satisfaction

Sales are the driving force behind any business enterprise. Take control of your sales by reading through our top tips on how to make the most from them. Read more

December 2016
Takforia  r2
Dec 15

Thanks for working with us in 2016!

This year has seen unprecedented development for MatchOffice, growth into new markets, the merger with our sister company and a host of new staff in all sectors. Thanks for all of your support and hard work with us, and a happy new year to you! Read more

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