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The upmarket office for rent in Dubai

It is probably number one among the most futuristic and innovative cities in the world. It represents the same named Emirate and is considered to be the biggest metropolis in the UAE. Dubai is the most important commercial trade hub of the country and the Middle East. Its strategic location on the coast of the Persian Gulf opens wide horizons for different businesses occupying workspace here. Dubai’s winning position on the map of the world opens the access to the markets and workforce of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Rich oil reservoirs helped the metropolis to grow dynamically, and now it also gets incomes from tourism, real estate, aircraft, and financial sectors. The city performs a concentration of the impressive futuristic buildings, tallest skyscrapers, and innovative solutions. Entrepreneurs who look for an office for rent in Dubai get all perks of the highly technologically developed metropolitan.

Business opportunities

It’s hard to find another place with such a winning position as Dubai has. It stands on a crossroad between East and West which gives the entrepreneurs access to more than 2 billion consumers. The combination of two time zones is a unique chance to get even more customers. Its export and import trade markets are on the rise, nowadays.

Enterprisers often select office space for rent in Dubai because of the ease of doing business here. Many surveys have proved this statement. The World Bank gave it the 26th position among 190 countries for ease of launching business and operating here.

More than 50 % of Fortune 500 enterprises chose to occupy workspace in Dubai, and about 200 000 companies are officially registered here. The metropolis has a vast concentration of small and medium businesses. It’s an excellent place to look for investments here because the number of venture capitalists is extremely high here – 19. The government also performs supportive business mechanisms for entrepreneurs, and the tax system is more than just fine.

Entrepreneurs who choose an office for rent in Dubai get an opportunity to be in the heart of events. The calendar of business activities booms here. The metropolis hosts about 300 MICE events each year which is a great chance to grow the business network and perform your product to the world.

Outside the office space

Dubai is the city where no one gets bored. Ultramodern boutiques, luxurious restaurants, futuristic designs, heaven beaches will let enjoy lifetime in the UAE. Burj Khalifa sophisticated beauty, adventures at the Aquaventure Waterpark, and breathtaking sights of Dubai Creek will occupy a special place in each heart.

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