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March 2023
Mar 01

Small office leases at significant city locations and addresses

A year after the last major covid lockdowns and amid a new world economic crisis with inflation and recession, thousands of companies are treading water in their considerations about future needs for office space, area and location. Read more

February 2023
Feb 28

Work trend 23: Employees eager to return, work and thrive in their offices again

In the post-covid year 2022, employees began to return to their offices in significant numbers - some of the time. In 2023, office workers will long eagerly to normalise their working life and cohesion with their colleagues' experts predict. Read more

Feb 28

How the company and your work life will achieve hybrid success

A year after the latest covid lockdowns, companies are busy focusing on creating flexibility and totality in their office environments to make it meaningful and attractive for employees to leave the home office and enter their new hybrid workplace. Read more

Feb 27

ESG is your workplace's new path to a good and sustainable behaviour

ESG is your workplace's new parameter for how sustainably you are affecting the environment and society and how strongly and transparently the management treats corporate governance, executive salaries, auditing, internal control and shareholder rights. Read more

Feb 27

Office occupancy rates reach post-pandemic highs in Europe and the USA

Employees in Europe and the USA are now spending more time in their office space again, with occupancy rates surpassing 50% for the first time since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic back in early 2020. Read more

Feb 26

Hybrid work and cost-of-living world crisis turn your office space smaller

New hybrid ways of working and the world economic crisis are pushing or motivating companies to downsize their office space or replace it with serviced and coworking environments, the annual tenant survey from MatchOffice confirms. Read more

Feb 09

What are The Different Types of Commercial Leases

When searching for commercial property, tenants pay significant attention to the rental fees and what is available for a particular sum of money in a particular workspace. At first, it may seem that it is easy to project the cost of renting the workspace, but actually, each detail plays an essential role here. Read more

December 2022
Dec 06

Four-day week at the office can elevate your workforce and job satisfaction

On top of the covid chapters, office companies and employees continue to orient themselves - following experiments with promising results - towards the 4-day work week, which HR experts predict could be the norm by 2030. Read more

Dec 05

Companies strike back: We need our people and life back in the office

On the doorstep of a winter half-year, apparently without corona lockdowns in large numbers, large well-known companies - such as Apple, Google, Disney, Tesla etc. - demand employees back to their physical office environments. Read more

Dec 04

London is top-ranking as the world's very best coworking city

According to a recent study, London ranks as the world's best city for coworkers and coworking services. Currently, the English capital can present a most impressive choice of more than 1,300 coworking spaces. Read more

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