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August 2021
Virtual office 1
Aug 31

The virtual office boosts business for covid reopening companies

The coronavirus dictated companies of all sizes to lock down drastically - many even to vacate their leases. Consequently, these extensive lockdowns gave the virtual office a veritable boom and global breakthrough. Read more

Back to the office
Aug 30

Back to the office: How to restart your post-corona workflow

Global office employees are now leaving their home offices on their way back to the physical workplaces after a nearly year and a half long covid break - several eager and relieved, others sceptical and reluctant. Read more

The future workplace
Aug 29

The future of your office workplace - that´s right here right now

The pandemic has thrown companies' office environments into a turbulent time of disruptions and changing things. We know now that we can work anywhere - but we still need interaction, new Kinnarps Denmark CEO Jeanette Qvarnstrøm points out. Read more

Office tent
Aug 29

Set up an office tent - your company's cheap and easy pod solution

Offices are now calling back their remote workers, but how has your company been preparing the post-corona office workday? This cheap quickly arranged tent pod might be a solution for your future office environment also. Read more

Dominica working
Aug 29

Choose your home office in the paradise of Caribbean Dominica

Nature Island of the Caribbean alias Dominica now invites digital nomads and tourists to settle down to enjoy its breathtaking natural paradise offering them visas to set up their home office for up to 18 months. Read more

June 2021
Mo industry survey 2021 1
Jun 16

Office providers remobilize: Corona has changed the workflows of office forever

Global office providers realize that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the workflow of office for time and eternity. According to the MatchOffice Industry Survey 21, companies' emergency solutions during last year have now developed into new work practices. Read more

Phonealone monews
Jun 15

Danish office pod automates disinfections of corona and flu viruses

Danish company PhoneAlone just launched its new phone booth and meeting pod with UV technology disinfecting all the surfaces for viruses and bacteria in less than three minutes. Read more

Mo wfh june 21
Jun 15

Post-corona hot deal for many office workers: Work from home - permanently

The business world is reopening, but many well-known global office companies consider giving employees the free choice to be working at home permanently - several of them even make WFH mandatory. Read more

Office clubhouse
Jun 15

After covid your office will turn to something like a clubhouse

Your office workplace did change while you´ve worked from home: Interiors, physical designs, divided workstations, creative zones, new environments - everything ready to embrace the future´s workflow and social patterns. Read more

Drop in office mo
Jun 15

Drop-in workstations reach increasing popularity during the reopening

Drop-in office spaces and workstations on a daily, weekly and monthly basis are set to become a tremendous hit for many entrepreneurs, freelancers and office workers during the corona reopening, global experts estimate. Read more

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