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Select a commercially viable location

Among all criteria considered when deciding on a warehouse facility for rent, location is of crucial importance. The right one ensures fast delivery of goods and reduces transportation costs. Therefore, such factors as the quality of roads, the level of traffic congestion, nearness to producers, suppliers, end users, distribution centers, or points of entry (e.g., airport if your goods are carried via air), and the availability of labor force should influence your choice. An optimal solution might be to lease a storage facility in warehouse districts (warehouse rows), which are often situated in industrial parks and already have an excellent logistic infrastructure. Location is often decisive for warehouse rental rates.

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Define your storage needs and requirements

Depending on the nature of your goods, you may have to comply with various regulations. For instance, if you handle flammable items, the building must meet strict firefighting requirements. The other things that matter are the size of the land lot, the condition of the building and how it was previously utilized, floor weight, utilities, the availability of parking lots, employee rooms, and garbage disposal site, the number of loading docks, etc. The possibility to lease warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, refrigerators or conveyer belt systems alongside with the storage facilities might be an additional benefit for your business.

Keep your goods in safety

Securing goods against damage is the responsibility shared between providers and tenants. The building construction must withstand weather extremes, one of the most common problems being heavy rains and flooding. Therefore, a drainage system is a strong necessity. Your storage area will be not only safe but clean if there are floor drains at the door opening to prevent soil and water that stick to truck tires from entering the premises. The safety of employees and visitors has even higher priority. Marking of hazardous areas and protecting them with guard rails is an important precaution measure as well as sufficient lighting.

Rent a seasonal warehouse

If you want to store seasonal products like fruits or vegetables, you may need a flexible temporary solution. Another reason to choose seasonal storage is to adjust storage capacities to the market situation that changes depending on different periods of the year. If you need larger capacities when the demand is higher, it is very convenient to be able to expand them on-site: it is possible in a permanent building with flexible set up or temporary structures that adjust settings to your storage needs. Very often such goods require certain humidity, lightning, and temperature, and commercial warehouses for rent provide a wide range of flexible options.

Maximize warehouse storage

A higher efficiency of your warehouse space can be achieved by increasing the density of storage. If you have vertical cubes that are not in use, installing pushback racks, vertical lift modules, drive-in racking and carousels might be the solution. However, enough space should be allowed for pick paths as it affects the speed of operation. Stock items statistics are critical for smart product slotting and enhancing pick-up processes. In general, implementing warehouse automation can increase storage capacity, facilitate all activities and reduce expenses. Optimizing your warehouse might free up valuable space which can be also used as an office, staff rooms or sublease for generating additional income.