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Hong Kong is recognized as attractive place for investments, as it has significant advantages for foreigners who plan on financing local business. Despite the reputation of a highly urbanized territory,  sustainable development is among the government top priorities. Out of 1104 km² of Hong Kong area, less than 25% is developed. The rest of the territory is covered with greenery, about 40% of which are declared to be recreation areas and reserves. However, Hong Kong has many square meters of commercial property for rent, and new commercial and residential buildings and complexes are emerging here every year. No matter what you need - retail or office space for lease, we will help you find the best options.

Transportation and culture

Metro is the fastest way to travel in the city. Although winning in speed, you lose not only in terms aesthetic pleasure from what you can see when using other means of transportation, but also price - wise. Especially it concerns traveling on short distances - metro, in this case, is much more expensive, than other public transport. Metro system consists of ten lines, including express to the airport and a direct line to the border with mainland. Trams in the city deserve particular attention. For more than a hundred years they have been serving locals as the cheapest method of getting around. But the tram route runs along the whole Hong Kong, through its central part and covers many local attractions.
Those who love culture will not be dissapointed as well, because they will be able to satisfy all their needs. There is opportunity not only to visit numerous museums of Hong Kong and see the world's greatest Buddha statue, but also admire its architectural heritage with the buildings in colonial style which are in contrast with ultra modern high-towers. All in all, Hong Kong is very charming and convenient for life and business.

Commercial real estate in Hong Kong Core

Central and Western is one of the eighteen districts of the city, situated in the northwestern part of the island. Earlier this area was known as the city of Victoria. The British landed here in 1841 and soon built military, administrative and trade facilities on the site of the modern district. In the colonial period, Central was considered the area with intensive European business activity, and Western - the business center of Chinese merchants. Today, this area is the primary business and administrative center of Hong Kong. It is home to the headquarters of huge corporations, offices of international companies and the City's Stock Exchange.
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