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On average people spend a vast amount of time looking where to park their car. These precious minutes can be used for productive work if they have access to a car park that is close enough to their office and allows keeping their cars in a pristine condition. Regardless of where you want to rent open-air parking space, an indoor parking facility or an underground car parking, providers offer many solutions to make it as smooth as possible.

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Rent space in a parking garage

Parking garages are usually associated with a dimly lit damp place. However, some providers try to challenge this stereotype by using glass or mesh elements to let in natural light. Alternatively, if this is an underground parking space, adaptive lights become brighter as soon as a client approaches a parking slot. In enclosed parking garages, powerful ventilation systems are installed. Gleaming directional signs, modern design without grey and gloomy colors can also simplify car owners’ life and lift their mood. Charging stations for electric cars might be a great bonus from the provider.

Open-air car space for lease

The main inconvenience of an outdoor parking is temperature fluctuations and weather extremes. For instance, in the heat, trees can provide patches of shade. The pavement in light shades with high rates of solar reflectance can also partially solve this problem. In winter, electricity is provided for engine block heaters for freezing prevention as at extreme temperatures antifreeze might not be enough for this purpose.

Parking management systems

After you have rented a parking lot and there are many employees in your company who will take benefit of it, it might be worth using an application for managing the parking process. After users have created an account in the system, they are able to see which parking slots are free and book them in real time. Also, such apps include handy features like establishing reservation rules, setting different priority for users, detecting illegal vehicles and collecting occupancy statistics. Using your parking facility to full extent will allow cutting costs and will contribute to your employees’ satisfaction as their cars will be in safety and within easy reach. This solution can be already implemented by providers, then all you must do is integrate into the general system.