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We have offers to suit all business needs: from cheap office space to luxury rentals in big cities like London, NYC, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, LA, Mexico City and many others. Our options range from 1 person office lease to workspaces for medium and large teams. We have a lot of new locations daily and look forward to helping you find workspace that will make your work both productive and enjoyable experience.

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Nowadays people often spend more time in their office than at home. Therefore, it is not surprising that employees’ well-being and comfort are a strong focus for workspace providers. No matter where you rent office space - in London, New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Melbourne or elsewhere in the world, it should inspire your employees, charge them with positive energy and improve productivity. It can be achieved by choosing a convenient location, workspace design that supports your company structure and activities, and, what’s more important, a warm atmosphere that will put employees in a happy mood as soon as they open the door of the office building.

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Your office location is important to both the employees and your partners or clients. And, of course, an office at a prestigious address will add points to your corporate image. As a rule, it is easy to commute to business districts from any spot of the city. Office rent in technology and science parks is a good option as they often create an eco-system with favorable conditions for innovation. Established companies and start-ups, universities and government institutions collaborate on many levels to create social and business value. Office providers in tech parks often adapt their workspaces to the needs of innovation economy and clearly understand what their tenants require.

Appeal to all senses

To create a feel-good environment, one must consider employees’ sensory perceptions of color, smell, sound and even taste. A lot of research has been conducted on how various factors influence people’s concentration and accuracy when performing work tasks. Bright juicy colors - green, red, yellow, orange - make one’s mind more focused and alert, although they are preferable as decor accents. Warm pastels create the atmosphere of serenity, which is appropriate for informal meeting spots. Smells have a powerful effect on the human brain, too: citrus and mint scents elevate our spirit, the aroma of coffee puts in a working mode, lavender has a soothing effect and relieves stress. As now many flexible workspaces have this “hotel” feel due to all the great facilities they offer, it might be worth creating a custom fragrance that tenants will associate with the “feel good” place.

Work together and preserve privacy

Now more and more companies are choosing open spaces for rent. Firstly, to see other people working hard is an extra stimulus. Secondly, with such office layout, it is easier to communicate with colleagues. However, the issue of noise pollution arises here. The solution is to install sound masking or white noise systems, which make the work environment more acoustically pleasant and make conversations at workplace more private. Apart from this, employees may communicate in areas designated for this – meeting rooms and lounges. In cozy, light and spacious rooms, they can discuss business matters or have a private chat without interfering with their colleagues' work.

Create a warm atmosphere

Paintings, photos, inspirational quotes on the walls, unusual furniture, art installations - providers use all these design elements to inspire clients in their workspaces. A lot of air and daylight are also essential for high levels of energy and creativity: large windows and tall ceilings let employees feel there is space for everyone. Can it get any better? Yes, if you add green plants to your office interior. Their natural colors and textures allow tired eyes to rest.

The premises of business success

This level of comfort at work fosters employees’ commitment as they feel valued. Consequently, their motivation grows, and work results improve. A work environment that generates happiness may reduce absenteeism. Without a doubt, choosing the right office space to rent is a responsible mission for any entrepreneur as it conveys their attitude to business. It may help build the corporate culture that will lead to a remarkable success.