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Why rent office space in business centers of Vienna

Vienna. The city of museums, opera, and art. Meanwhile, another symphony sounds all around the town. The symphony of business. Thousands of entrepreneurs have chosen Vienna as their primary location for doing business. Why is it so popular among business people? According to “Business Insider,” the capital of Austria is the safest city in the world. Healthy living is easy here thanks to clean water, fresh air and numerous gyms. In terms of medical care, Vienna offers one of the best healthcare infrastructures in the world with the most modern hospitals. It is also among the most attractive office locations in the world. You can rent workspace to satisfy any business needs here: from small temporary offices to large spaces for big teams. Business centers in Vienna offer a variety of options for any company.

A highly developed transportation system

U-Bahn (underground) has 5 lines and 109 stations. It’s constantly expanding to cover the broader territory and improve the connection between the city center, business districts, and suburbs. It will have 1 more line by 2024. Over 100 miles of tram (Straßenbahn) lines with 30 routes make it easy to come from one part of the city to another in just a few minutes. Much faster than by car. Moreover, there are 127 bus routes, 29 of which work 24/7.10 lines of S-Bahn (city train) bring passengers from the downtown to the suburban area. With several central stations and fast, comfortable trains, Vienna S-Bahn makes it possible for busy people to live outside the city and come to the center in less than 1 hour. Vienna International Airport helps the Austrian stay connected with the world. It is an important hub between the East and West parts of Europe. With 3 runways and over 24 mln passengers catered for every year, it provides direct flights to most of the European countries, North America, Africa, and Asia. It is a home for Austrian airways - the company well-known for its high-class service in the sky.

Good business environment

Vienna is the home to numerous banks and the Austrian stock exchange. Since the political situation has been stable for decades, entrepreneurs from all over the world consider the city one of the top investment destinations.

Vienna is also suitable for high-tech startups. The vice-mayor for finance Renate Brauner personally leads the program for improving the connection between youths, their startups, and venture capital funds. The Austrian mentality is about being punctual, meeting deadlines and complying with obligations. That’s why companies with offices here are considered to be stable and trusted by business owners and clients from around the globe. It’s one more reason for office lease in Vienna.

Office lease in Donaustadt business district

Although Vienna is well-known for its baroque architecture and classy music, its business centers are among the most modern in the world. Most of them are located on the Danube left bank, in the Donaustadt city district. Commercial rental here is cheaper than in the center of Vienna. Meanwhile, office suites are comfortable and well-equipped.  Gardens and green plantings inside the buildings, plenty of cafes, quiet resting places where you can gather your wits before an important meeting and meeting rooms with impressive views over the Danube river are just some of the things which make your daily routine in Vienna office spaces so comfortable. It takes up to 18 minutes to get from the Kaisermuhlen U-Bahn station (where the commercial real estate is concentrated) to the city center. No matter you start a young business or open the branch of an enterprise, office lease in the Austrian capital is both comfortable and cost-effective.

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