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Serviced offices - top office choice in Belgium

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, as well as its cultural and political center. With a population of over 1 million inhabitants, Brussels is considered one of the best cities for living in the world. Brussels is also known as the "major gateway" to the country, as the main routes leading to the heart of Belgium meet here. You will not see giant glass skyscrapers here, but you will be impressed by the majesty of historical buildings that will bring you back to the times of kings and queens. It is a city of a calm life centered in the heart of Europe, which definitely gives some extra benefits when having an office here.

Serviced offices in Brussels are a top choice for those who value flexibility and modern business environment, and you can choose your perfect one on our website!

Free economy

Brussels is among the top wealthiest cities in the world, and it is definitely for a reason. Major financial, banking and insurance institutions of Belgium are centered here. Tourism sector plays a key role in the establishment of a thriving economy, as Brussels annually welcomes millions of tourists. Due to the demand, the city has hundreds of hotels and a countless number of cafes and restaurants. Brussels is a home for the most prominent national and international corporations, which create a powerful business market and open numerous possibilities. Over 48,000 of businesses are registered in Brussels, and a half of them are foreign. This proves that the city is very welcoming to foreign investors.

City of opportunities

Brussels produces the fifth part of the total country's GDP, which explains why it is so attractive for new businesses. To have an office here means to create a positive image of your business and to work in the heart of EU. It is easy to choose the best-serviced office in Brussels with us, and you will be impressed by numerous extra services included in the price business centers here offer. Moreover, flexible tax regulation policy is aimed to support both small and large businesses. A beneficial location of the city gives you an opportunity to reach any country in EU from Brussels International Airport, which itself creates a robust business district. Another important advantage is that Brussels is a “green city” covered with parks and lakes and supporting eco-friendly policies.

Business districts

Northern Quarter is known as Brussels core CBD and its financial and business hub. This area is mostly covered with buildings of 100m high on average, and approximately a half of Belgium tallest buildings are situated here. Northern Quarter offers approximately 1,200,000 sq.m. of A-list office space for rent both in small historical buildings and modern ones.  If you choose this district to rent the most suitable business premises, giant national and international corporations will be your neighbors. Another place perfect for office rent in Brussels is the very central part of the city as it is always crowded and assures a continuous flow of clients. Other districts to consider when looking for workspace in the capital of Belgium are the Royal District, The Sablons District, the Senne District, the Laeken, and others.

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