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Why rent commercial real estate in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main is one of the largest cities in Germany (5th place) with a population of 732 thousand people. It is the heart of a large metropolitan area Rhine-Main with 5.6 million inhabitants, which makes it the country’s second largest region.  Located on an ancient crossing on the River Main on the territory of Franconia, the land belonged to the Franks in ancient times, hence the name of the city. Frankfurt is among the world's "alphas" (the only town in Germany to bear this title) as it is a huge commercial, cultural, educational, tourist and transport hub.

It consists of 46 administrative blocks, which are divided into 118 boroughs. The biggest district is Sachsenhausen. Some areas, such as Nordend, arose during the rapid growth of during the Gründerland era, while others developed on the basis of settlement formerly owned by other regions. Commercial real estate Frankfurt offers are collected in one place on our website allowing you to find premises for your business easily!

Primary labor market in Germany

With 922 jobs per 1000 inhabitants, Frankfurt is the largest labor market in Germany. The total number of positions offered here is about 600 thousand, with a population of 663 thousand people. On weekdays and Saturday, there are about a million people working and relaxing in the city. All these companies need office and retail space for rent, and providers here offer the best deals on the market as well as the broadest range of included services. Order more details on the commercial leases that are interesting for you free of charge or contact the landlord directly  to enquire more or arrange a visit.

Banks District

It's hard to believe that you are in the heart of Germany, looking at the enormous sizes of the steel hulks in the Banks District in Frankfurt. The streets of Singapore, Tokyo or New York, but not the old German city, come to mind. The most famous building in the Banks District, scraping the sky with its roof is Eurotower, which is occupied by European Central Bank. In front of it so that no one is confused, there is a giant EUR symbol of blue. Hard on Eurotower’s heels is the trihedral skyscraper“Commerzbank-Tower", the first ecological skyscraper in Europe, built according to all the canons of care for nature and the surrounding world.

Office lease in skyscrapers

The most "young" skyscraper here is Opernturm, located opposite to the Opera. Many heard about the tower Messeturm, which in 1990-1997 was considered to be the tallest building in Europe - a solid 256 m of concrete and glass. All these objects do not only please the eye of passers-by, but are also quite accessible to the mere mortal. Inside, for the most part, the whole space is rented by banks and offices, but tourists can safely glance at each skyscraper and can undoubtedly stumble on a bar or restaurant on high floors, where they will be able to enjoy the views that are opening.
What can be better than working in a skyscraper in the ancient German city with beautiful views? We think nothing, that is why we prepared a lot of offers of commercial property in this town. For more information, visit our website and check our newest offers of real estate, Frankfurt has for those who are willing to start their business here.

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