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Why rent a virtual office in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is one of the most economically developed cities of the Rhine-Ruhr region. Important factors that led to this, along with the location in the center of Germany's largest metropolitan area, are the availability of the third largest in Germany international airport and exhibition center. Dusseldorf is the center in the fields of European patenting, telecommunication technologies, and also is the "fashion heart" of Germany. Here is the world's largest model exhibition and exhibition in the field of polygraphy. Yielding only to Frankfurt, Düsseldorf is the second banking and stock exchange center in the country, not to mention that headquarters of many large firms are located in the city. You can easily set up your business here by renting a virtual office - Düsseldorf has many attractive and affordable options. The best are collected on our website, check it out today and we will find the best suitable option for you!

Best locations

Dusseldorf is a major political center, the city of the head offices of many major banks and companies of the country, and the city of art and fashion. The former fishing village has more than 800 years of history. The earl and the Electors have rooted the present image of the city. Goethe's visit was reflected in the autobiography Poetry and Truth, and Napoleon's visit gave the city the nickname "little Paris". The center of Dusseldorf is considered its old part - Altstadt, where more than 260 bars and restaurants, shops, and boutiques are concentrated. Thanks to them, this part of the city is called "The longest bar stand in the world". All these bars do not change the fact that Dusseldorf is a business hub in Germany. Thus, if you want to establish your presence here, but not sure where to start, getting a virtual office in Dusseldorf might be a good start, as it will give you more time to decide if you want to have an actual office here, yet you will run your business. Check our website for more offers and contact us to find the best one for you.

Commercial real estate market

Traditionally, Dusseldorf's commercial real estate is in the top five most expensive in Germany. Nowadays, the average cost of one square meter of commercial real estate in Dusseldorf is € 4268. The most expensive objects are concentrated in the Old Town - here the cost of the square meter can exceed € 9000. Rental offices in Dusseldorf cost an average of € 13 per square meter, while the leader in the high cost is the Karlstadt (€ 17/ sq. m.), and the minimum cost of rental is in the already mentioned area of Garat (€ 8/ sq. m.). The real estate market in Germany is stable and there are no sharp price fluctuations, for which this city is valued among investors all over the world. On average, the cost of commercial real estate in Germany grows by 2-5% per year, without changing this trend, even in the crisis period of 2008-2009. As you can see from above, one of the main advantages of renting a virtual office in Dusseldorf is affordability, as it will not cost you that much money and it is easier to rent. We have collected the best offers of virtual offices in Dusseldorf, visit our website now, so we can find the best offer for you today!

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