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Why rent offices in business centers of Madrid

Madrid is a charming city with a population of more than 3 million people. It is situated in the center of Spain on the river Manzanares. As it is the capital of the country and the capital of the Community of Madrid, all governmental institutes and the residence of Spain Monarchy are located within the city. Madrid shows a high and stable economic rise, being on the third place in Europe among the cities with the largest GDP. Moreover, based on the results of researches, Madrid is a leading city in Spain regarding the life quality of its citizens. It is also a heart of Spain in terms of education, media, IT sphere, culture, business, science, and, of course, tourism. The very city is divided into twenty-one districts.

Opportunities in Madrid Centro

Madrid Centro in one of the leading districts in Spain, which is located within the area of approximately five and it is the oldest district of the city. Lying in the very heart of Spain, it is very attractive for both visitors and investors. Madrid Centro is a home for Royal Palace of Madrid and Main Square (Plaza Mayor de Madrid) – major tourist destinations in Madrid. Moreover, public squares “Gate of the Sun” (Puerta Del Sol) and Spain Square (Plaza deEspaña) are also within the limits of Madrid Centro. One of the major boulevards in Madrid – Paseo Del Prado is also running through the center of Madrid.

Advantages of Madrid Centro

Being located in the very heart of Spain, Madrid Centro is well served in terms of public transport. Metro system of ten lines connects the city center with the other parts of Madrid. Besides, there is a network of bus routes, which is divided by colors – blue and red buses run inside the city, green busses link city center with the suburbs, and yellow are Airport Express buses. Adolfo SuárezMadrid–Barajas Airport is located 13 kilometers from Madrid Centro, and it is among the most significant aviation centers of EU.

Madrid Centro is not just tourist destination; it is also a financial hub of the country considering that such institutions as Bank of Spain and the Spanish General Bank are located in this part of Madrid. This district offers numerous business opportunities and astable flow of clients.

Serviced office space for rent

The Center of Madrid is famous not just because of its cultural heritage, but also because of its openness to innovations and business development. Extensive property market gives a possibility to choose an office specifically needed for different types of business. Two major Madrid skyscrapers – Torre de Madrid (Madrid Tower) and EdificioEspaña (Spain Building) are located in the city center. Moreover, a significant number of smaller buildings are renting out their free space, and the rates are quite affordable, comparing to other cities. Considering the above, this district is a great place to launch or develop one's business.

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