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Advantages of selecting a serviced office in Jakarta

Jakarta’s the capital and major city on Java – the most inhabited island in the world. In Javanese, the name of the metropolis means “absolute victory.” Jakarta was rated as the 34th from the 200 major economically growing urban zones. It is the core Indonesian financial, political and cultural hub. The city attracts large manpower flows due to the rising living standards and business opportunities. Therefore, numerous local conglomerates and multinational companies have chosen it for renting serviced offices. Jakarta engenders a massive part of the country’s GDP. Core city industries are banking and financial services, logistics and construction. Its economy also gains from trading and restaurant sectors, as well as the hospitality industry. Both small and big companies opt for fully-equipped business centers to rent office space in Jakarta, as they set very high standards for business premises. The rapid increase of the commercial real-estate construction is connected to the growing demand in this thriving city.

Ambitious projects

Indonesia’s government aims to implement a number of ambitious projects by 2025. Such initiatives include strengthening the country’s economy on the global market through unemployment reduction and social imbalances liquidation. Prominent investment flows from such giants as Google and Temasek, without a doubt, will take Indonesian digital economy to the top of the Southern Asian market. Furthermore, the city’s infrastructure will be improved due to the series of public projects held by the government. First of all, they’ll extend the main trading port of the metropolis. Local authorities want to reduce the traffic congestion with the help of the Mass Rapid Transit program, which will bring about 450 000 commuters daily to their workspaces.

Jakarta key districts

There are many attractive areas in the city. Its parts or “Kota” include Central, West, East, North and South districts. The center is a core political hub. Among the key office tenants in this neighborhood are financial, trading, and IT companies. Multinationals prefer this business district due to its numerous conveniences, accommodation options, and prestige.  Almost all foreign embassies are situated here. The Southern part of the city covers the Golden Triangle and is a major business area. A successful entrepreneur chooses a serviced office in Jakarta Selatan because it has all amenities and the location benefits. Small enterprises prefer West, which includes the Old city part and Chinatown. An ideal spot for renting a cozy serviced office is Jakarta Barat as it’s a lovely area with a calm life flow. The Eastern metropolis district is the most crowded location with several industrial segments. North is native to numerous large and medium-sized organizations. No matter what area you prefer for renting serviced offices  - Selatan, Barat or in Jakarta’s other fascinating areas, they all provide a full stack of services needed for a successful operation of your business.

Healthcare, transport, entertainment

The healthcare sector here is among the top ones in Southeast Asia. Well-developed private hospitals and clinics are the prominent achievement of the country. Public transport also does not lag behind. The metropolis has the most extensive bus transit links in the world. The motorcycle taxi, also known as “ojek”, is also a significant part of the transport culture. Two busy international and local air hubs - Soekarno–Hatta and Halim Perdanakusuma provide good air connection with numerous destinations nationwide and all over the world.

The architectural heritage of the metropolis is worth exploring. Modern city constructions include more than 88 skyscrapers. Jakarta has numerous entertainment options such as musical festivals, exhibitions, sports tournaments, restaurants with exotic delicacies,  and, of course, shopping. With all the benefits in mind, it’s hard not to choose the city as a home for your business in Indonesia and renting serviced offices. Jakarta has many great workspace options, and you can view them on our site for free!

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