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Dublin impresses at the first sight with the historical buildings that have survived the flow of time. Compared to other world capitals, the Irish one is not so big, and there are very few modern "glass" buildings that in recent years have captured large cities with frightening speed, whereas the city boasts many well-kept parks and gardens. And of course a lot of commercial real estate, which is offered for lease. The best commercial property offers in Dublin are collected on our website and we suggest you view those in order to find the perfect one for you.

Getting around

Residents and guests of Dublin mainly use buses, trams and trains to commute, and only in special occasions they use taxi services, as it is a costly affair. Beautiful double decker buses serve all routes and operate mainly from 6:00 to 23:30. Cute Dublin trams quickly run from the outskirts to the city center and back by two branches. High-speed rail is carried out between 25 city stations. This type of transport covers most of the capital and suburbs. Trains run every 15-20 minutes from 6:00 to 23:45. No matter what mean of transportation you chose, you will get to any point in the city easily, which makes commercial properties in Dublin even more attractive for those planning to rent one.

Commercial real estate in Dublin CBD

The eastern part of the city, near the former docks at the mouth of the river, has now become a business center: in the 1990s, the Irish government, by lowering taxes and offering various benefits, was able to convince a number of large IT corporations to locate their European headquarters in Dublin. Nowadays many technological giants are based within CBD. A place where $ 10 million contracts are signed while drinking a pint of beer, the Central Business District offers the best commercial property in Dublin. The average rental price for office space here in 2014 was € 485 per square meter per year, making it significantly cheaper than in London, Luxembourg or Munich. Dublin is a lively and convenient city for living with low rates of corporate income tax - it also intends to take the place of London as the business center of the European Union. Best offers of Dublin’s commercial real estate are collected on our website, we can guarantee that you will find the one that suits you and your needs. Check out more and get your office in Dublin now!



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