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Delhi is a colorful and impressive metropolis, where many travelers dream to get to. Founded 5000 years ago, this town quickly became the center of trade and began to develop rapidly, moving from one ruler to another and getting a fantastic layering of cultures and traditions. Those who are interested in the ancient monuments of architecture, there are more than 60 thousand in the city, are eager to visit this city, as well as those who prefer colonial buildings, as the central part of New Delhi,  is considered unsurpassed. Besides, modern Delhi is the scientific and cultural center of the country. New Delhi is a multi-national city, like many capitals. With the ancient monuments of the Old City, modern Delhi with its shopping centers, luxurious mansions, expensive cars, and restaurants of author's cuisine exist side-by-side in contrast. Now, it is a perfect time to rent a commercial property in Delhi, as the city has a lot to offer and prices are still affordable. The best offers can be found on our website, and we are always there to help you.  


Metro is one of the most convenient, fast and cheapest ways to move around Delhi, the city has already built six branches, which can get you almost anywhere. When buying a ticket, you need to keep in mind that it is valid only for the station where you enter the metro - if you buy two at once, you will not be able to return to the second one. You can buy a tourist card, which allows you to travel by subway as many times as you need. Besides the subway, you can reach any part of the city by bus. Tickets there are cheaper than those on the metro, but this mean of transportation is less comfortable. At the bus stops, there are no schedules or even tablets with the numbers of buses arriving there, so that information can be obtained only by asking people. However, rarely you will have to wait for the right bus wait longer than 15-20 minutes. Generally, there should be no issues commuting to your commercial property in Delhi, but you have to consider traffic and mean of transportation. Also, more and more companies that offer to rent a car appear on the market, and prices, as for the capital, are rather low: starting at $35 per day. No matter what you choose, you always have to be careful, as Delhi has busy traffic and complicated traffic rules.

Business districts

The territory of Central Delhi is the business district of the city. It has a large number of historical monuments, including the Red Fort. It is worth noting that this district is also available for budget shopping. It is here that such areas as Paharganj and Main Bazaar are well known to travelers due to their cheapness and authenticity. Here, in the Paharganj area, there is also one of the most important railway stations of Delhi. The county of New Delhi, and in particular Connaught Place, is an ideal place for those who are willing to pay a little more for the comfort of their commercial property in Delhi, but remain in the center of events and immerse themselves in the authentic atmosphere of India. Connaught Place, which is right in the center of the area, has excellent transport links. There is subway station, besides, you can always take a taxi or use the services of car rental companies. Here you can find excellent shopping opportunities, and you can always find a great place for lunch or dinner - you can choose between Indian restaurants and restaurants with more familiar European cuisine. Generally, business district of Delhi is an excellent combination of traditions and progress, and if you are looking for a commercial property in the city that combines both, Delhi is the place to consider. We have the best suggestions of commercial property in Delhi on our website and we encourage you to find yours today!

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