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Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and the largest urban zone in North America with more than 8 million people. Mexico is a major center of political and commercial life with a rich history. Established by the Aztecs, the city was a prominent center of the Spanish colonial empire. In the 19th century, the city is transformed into an independent federal district with autonomous rights. Besides, Mexico’s capital is the biggest Spanish-speaking area worldwide.

Nowadays the metropolis is the wealthiest commercial hub in Latin America.  It generates more than 20 % of the country’s GDP. There are headquarters of the country's major banks and multinational financial establishments here. Several pharmaceutical companies are placed in the capital too. The city makes a significant contribution to the country budget with it service sector, construction, tourism, and beverage industry.

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The new city

The governmental economic reforms significantly influenced the city's development. Numerous enterprises, including airlines and banks, had been privatized. Consequently, multiple office buildings emerged in the city. Currently, the government aims to implement the strategies set by the National Infrastructure Program. It focuses on the GDP growth and strengthening economic competitiveness. The Program includes more than 700 projects devoted to energy, transport and health segments, urban development, water supplies, and tourism. According to this new public-private partnership, new reforms will be also carried out in the educational system, the banking sector, and telecommunications. Moreover, the World Bank has launched an air cleaning project in the city.

Business districts

Nowadays the City consists of 16 neighborhoods. In the western part, there is a growing business district - Santa Fe. Office skyscrapers have leading companies renting office space here. Among the prominent tenants of this area is the Mexican stock exchange Bolsa Mexicana de Valores. Numerous banking institutions, credit associations, medical companies are headquartered in the business district of Mexico City as well as three college campuses. The area is properly connected with the city center by the Constituyentes metro station.

Across the heart of the city runs the avenue of Paseo de la Reforma. This area is home to the tallest Mexico’s high-rises. Office buildings of this district are located within a short walk to the favorite touristic spots, art exhibition centers, and restaurants.  The famous city’s landmark – the victory monument of The Angel of Independence is also placed in Paseo de la Reforma.

Transport facilities of Mexico City

The Mexico city is well-connected by the public transport facilities. Besides Mexico City International Airport provides flights all over the world. The new international aero hub of the city is planned to be completed in 2020. It is a huge project which aims to replace Benito Juárez International Airport, currently the busiest one in Latin America. Mexico is a popular tourist destination. The historic center is worth visiting due to prominent landmarks of the Spanish era and the Aztec empire. Furthermore, Mexico offers diverse restaurant options to enjoy domestic and international cuisines. Besides, the city offers various shopping and leisure time options.

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