9 AI tools that will make your workflow smarter and faster

9 AI tools that will make your workflow smarter and faster

Steen Uno
AI tools have revolutionized our working days in record time and have become indispensable in the daily struggles to boost creativity, increase speed and productivity on your PC screen - here are nine efficient suggestions for working smarter ...
Steen Uno





Artificial intelligence, AI tools and apps have become indispensable assets to increase your productivity, creativity and your ongoing decision-making processes.

The current stream of new and smarter AI software offers even faster and more efficient solutions to your daily work processes and professional tasks.

For example, the browser-based AI software Synthesia offers to create engaging videos from plain text. With a wide range of AI avatars and language options, it appeals not least to marketers, sales teams and product creators.

OpenAI's fascinating new Dall-E tool invites you to generate creative photos from text descriptions. Microsoft's popular chat assistant, Copilot, can also suggest and generate encodings and correct errors.

9 need-to-have AI-tools

MatchOffice News selected these nine smart need-to-have AI tools that can make you a faster, more creative, efficient and valuable employee in a short time:



Robust writing tool that offers real-time grammar, spelling and style checking. The advanced AI not only corrects errors but also provides suggestions for clarity and precision, saving time on proofreading. Ideal for students, professionals and anyone who wants to improve their writing.
● Free 0,00, Premium 12/month, Business $15/month



Microsoft's breakthrough chat assistant, powered by the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4 and DALL·E 3, will boost your workflow with advanced AI technologies that provide fast, complex and accurate answers. Supports you to perform smarter, more productive, more creative and better connected to the people and things around  
● Copilot with your free Microsoft account. Copilot Pro $20 user/month




A marketing-oriented platform that helps generate ads, social posts, emails, landing pages, blogs, and more. This AI Writer also has a “Create Your Own Use Case” feature that allows you to guide Anyword's AI for any copy or content you may need - heavily integrated into social networking marketing tools.
● Starter $39/month, Data-Driven $79/month, Business $349/month, Enterprise Custom pricing 




AI-powered note taker that transcribes, summarizes and analyzes meetings. Integrates with various video conferencing apps and records audio and video to generate transcripts. Most ideal for knowledge workers across teams to save time, improve productivity and ensure no detail is lost. 
● Free $0, Pro $10 seat/month, Business $19 seat/month, Enterprise $39 seat/month



Gamechanger for content creators - AI writing tool that can generate SEO-friendly articles with a single click. Perfect for anyone looking to streamline their writing process, from SEO pros to beginners. Consider Koala for a more efficient and productive writing experience.
● Essentials $9/month, Starter $25/mo, Professional $49/mo, Boost $99/mo, Growth $179/mo, Elite 350/mo




Avatar developer Synthesia has just introduced its latest generation of synthetic but realistic humans, who are now capable of more expressive speech, showing facial expressions and emotions, blinking their eyes, etc. - "digital actors" who can read text scripts in the same way as humans.
● Free $0, Starter $22/month, Creator $67/month, Enterprise Let´s talk!




AI-powered time management tool optimizing your schedule based on your preferences, ensuring busy professionals optimal time management, flexible planning of meetings, concentrated working hours and much more. Consider Clockwise for a more productive and better-balanced workday.
● Free $0, Teams $6,75 user/month, Business $11,50 user/month, Enterprise Let´s talk!




Developed by OpenAI, offering to generate realistic images from text descriptions saving time by quickly creating high-resolution original photos. Constructive tool for artists, designers, content creators and more who work to create visual expressions.
For 1024x1024 resolution $0.020/image, for 512x512 $0.018/image, 256x256 resolution $0.016/image




Learn how to make shareable social media video clips quickly. Descript offers a variety of tools for editing audio, video and screen recordings. Excels at its ability to edit media by adjusting the transcribed text, making it time-saving and ideal for video editors, podcasters and social media marketers.
● Free $0, Creator $12 user/month, Pro $24 user/month


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