9 nice apps for your new hybrid office workday

Steen Uno
Global companies are currently implementing new hybrid workflows that give their employees the freedom to work some days from home. Here's a selection of nice helpful apps which can make your new office life go easier.
Steen Uno

A worldwide pandemic was needed to convince companies that their employees are able to do very well and also have the necessary discipline to work from home. 

The covid-19 has disrupted the business world's workflow and rhythm forever. Office companies are this autumn busy to implement the new hybrid work models and clarify issues such as:  

Which workflows will do best for our company? How do we keep our homeworkers engaged optimally? Which apps and software will be the best suited for creating hassle-free experiences?      

MatchOffice News has selected these nine nice apps created to optimize your new hybrid workdays at and outside the office environment: 





User-friendly navigation app with various functions - for example, you can record instructions that you will hear on the way to your future destinations. Join other drivers in your area and share live traffic info to save time, fuel money and make your daily commute more efficient.
Free for Android and iOS 12.1 and later versions. 


First European smartphone search engine ensuring you neutral access to the entire Internet, latest news, and content on social media. Collects no personal data but respects the user's privacy, no cookie or behavioural profiling, but web surfing without leaving a trace.  
Free for Android, Android tablet, iPhone, iPad, Google Chrome, Firefox.

A very efficient and most time-saving tool that helps solve all your calendar needs and be more productive. Check up with other calendar users to see when they are busy or best available and then create an appointment, event, etc., based on that user's availability. 
Free versions for Android and iOS.




Useful collaboration tool for teamwork in the office or externally focusing on effective meetings, workshops, training sessions, etc., including daily synchronization, future planning, follow-up and monitoring. Stay in sync with your team directly on your mobile and revive your meetings.
Free test versions for iOS and Android.



Web-based portal, platform and communication medium for companies targeting an easier use of info assets and shortcut to optimized services. Mail, online messages, debate forums where users can participate in selected groups and projects.
Available anywhere, anytime on any device.




Digital workplace software supporting companies to manage remote teams and facilitating collaboration on projects. Users can create profile avatars with their favourite skin colour, accessories, hairstyle, clothes, etc. Also, companies can integrate third-party solutions such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Slack and Spotify. 
Free for iOS and Android. 





Flexible project management and remote working tool. An all-in-one solution for office workers collaborating remotely on projects, mail integration, file sharing and meeting notes. You open the Hive app in the morning and have everything done in one window, and also, you can start a Zoom meeting from Hive.
Free for iOS and Android.



Chrome Remote Desktop

A new well-implemented remote desktop that allows managing your Mac or Windows PC from an iPhone or iPad to control computers outside your network. The app is easily accessible, functional and uncomplicated to understand as well as to use.
Free for iOS and Android.




A powerful dynamic tool for content management and document management that manages, finds, tracks, and secures information in companies of all sizes. Access your M-Files documents anytime, anywhere - even when you're on the go or not connected to your office network.  
Free for Android and iOS.  ● 












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