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Convenient office pod adds the sound of silence to your noisy open office space

Steen Uno
Today over 70% of global offices have an open space set up. A Danish innovation company developed a super-soundproof office pod offering office workers a quiet spot in their noisy open office environments.
Steen Uno

Steen Uno 

Since the open office for the first time emerged in the 50's Germany interfering noises and disturbances have been an eternal hot topic of discussion among office workers.

According to current surveys, up to 60-70% of global employees working in large-scale offices still are complaining that they are continuously interrupted, disturbed and sometimes also stressed by colleagues' phone calls, small talk, etc..

Other studies have shown that it can hardly take up to 17 minutes to find back to a disruptive work rhythm and that disturbances can cost employees in open office environments up to one and a half hours of productive working time a day.

Now a Danish innovation company Office Pod Copenhagen launches a super-soundproof version of the office pod suitable for a lot of different professional purposes in noisy open offices.


"Our office pod is soundproof with acoustic regulations and extra noise-suppressed ventilation. We focus on high quality and functionality, but we´re also able to design our increasingly popular pod with individual aesthetic details.

We produce our office pods in a sleep, music, garden, and phone pod version with walls and ceilings in noise-absorbing 3x3 meter modules, which users can easily expand," partner and marketing manager Kathrine Kjær says.


"53% of office workers use a meeting room to call their private doctor, 27% choose
a remote office corner, and others need to leave the house," marketing manager
Kathrine Kjær reports


Last year Office Pod Copenhagen initiated a study to identify and document the needs for soundproofed areas in large-scale open office spaces and areas. In general, employees in open office environments expressed an outspoken lack of soundproof meeting rooms and facilities optimized for concentration and immersion.

"When it comes to private phone calls - for example, calls to their doctor - 53% of the respondents use a meeting room, if available, 27% find a remote office corner, a storage room or a quiet spot out of the house.

A great many open office environments do need silent and private cubicles - and that´s why we offer our new and specially developed soundproof office pod," Kathrine Kjær adds.

Prefer cellular office

Not less than 67% of the survey respondents remarkably report that they would prefer to have an own cellular office rather than sitting in an open office space. The remaining 33% prioritize the social atmosphere with the colleagues and agree to endure the different noises and stress factors of their open office environment.

"The obvious social benefits of open offices become still more important to the modern office. But with our new office pod we intend to assist future open office environments in combining communication with concentration," Kathrine Kjær emphasizes.


Up to 60-70% of employees in open office spaces are complaining about disturbing
talking, and other noises from their colleagues - the soundproof office pod might be
their wish gift on job ...


The cubicle from Office Pod Copenhagen has acoustically controlled with Class (A) absorbers, ensuring a low and comfortable reverberation time. The sound quality regarding acoustics, soundproofing, ventilation and product finish is absolutely competitive in the international market.

The 9 sq meter standard pod - 2.5 m high, two glass walls and two wooden facades, dark carpet floors, power, LED ceiling lighting and internet - costs approx. 27,000 euros. Office Pod Copenhagen also offers the soundproof office pod on favorable lease terms.  ●







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