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Coworking on the go - exotic office workspace at the palm beach

Steen Uno
Possible to combine palms, sun, and beach with efficient office work ...? Yes, indeed! Belize at the Caribbean Sea is among the increasing number of most idyllic exotic travel gems that are offering super beautiful coworking spaces ´on the go.´
Steen Uno

Steen Uno

"Combining the useful and necessary with the pleasure ... A new trendy American concept bleisure  (business + leisure) is successfully emerging in unique colors and shapes.

About two-thirds of today's vacationers work or do work-related actions while vacationing and disconnecting from office - or should do - recent studies have shown.

For the younger generations in particular, who are brought up with internet and multimedia, it makes no sense and relevance to distinguish between work and leisure.

They are born and used to working on the go, no matter in which corner of the world they happen to be. The travel industry has now really come to terms with this - including one of the fastest growing Caribbean holiday destinations Belize on the Yucatan Peninsula between Mexico and Guatemala.


The Belize Tourism Board has just launched what you call the world's first coworking space overwater bungalow with attractive sunbathing and diving opportunities just right outside the door.

The exotic Belizeure bungalows lure on the small privately owned island of Tobacco Caye a half hour sailing from the mainland - and with all the necessary work tools in order: Functional wifi, desk with views, refreshing drinks within easy reach, meeting rooms, own kayak parking, wellness center and much more.


Tobacco Caye a half hour boat ride from the Belize coast attracts coworkers from all
over the world with its exotic, immensely favorable working conditions and facilities.


"We are ready to meet our guests' needs, whether they are looking for an adventure in the rainforest, world-class dives along the Belize Barrier Reef or a relaxing overwater bungalow to complete the final slides of their company presentation," Tourist Association director Karen Bevans invites.

She just completed a public relations competition with a free stay on high ground. Adventurous coworkers must calculate with approx. $100 per workday/night in a Belizesure bungalow on Tobacco Caye.

Digital nomads

In a few years, coworking facilities for digital nomads have experienced a global breakthrough. Today, any tourist resort with respect for itself - even in distant corners of the world - is ready to offer a larger or smaller selection of often frequently visited or crowded coworking spaces.

This has made it easy for the world's explosively growing freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other flexible office workers to look after and care for their customers while delivering their services from the distance - no matter how exotic.


Coworking facilities for digital nomads have gained its global breakthrough. Today,
even in most distant corners of the world, you´ll be able to find a frequently visited
coworking space.


"Digital nomads are people who choose to devote themselves to a space-independent, technology-based lifestyle that allows them to travel and work on the go anywhere in the world. Right now, 4.8 million independent workers describe themselves as digital nomads," a US survey of last year stated.

According to this study, one-third of today´s digital nomads are women, half of all over the age of 38, 54% are full-time, 46% are part-time employed, 38% earn max. $10,000 a year, 16% earn +$75,000 - typically in creative job descriptions such as content writers, designers, editors, IT developers, and different experts of marketing and communications.

The report concluded that young generations are increasingly inclined to a lifestyle that unites travel interests with their work while the elderly have reached a life standard and work income that makes them able to travel - for example, to the Tobacco Caye of Belize. ...  ●



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