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Designing a better working day

Anne-Kathrine Utzon
As the name for an office space which reeks with immaculately curated style, 'Design Offices' is a good one. Every day, in ten locations across Germany, workers from creative industries and those inspired by aesthetics make their way to the ultra-modern, super-chic locations. 
Anne-Kathrine Utzon

Walking into one such a space feels refreshing. It's a place with a low, buzzing chatter, people lounging and chatting or pattering away on MacBooks. Behind doors and glass walls, intense meetings take place. The best part? These people all work at different companies. 

Design Offices work collaboratively at the most functional level - they allow "a space for focused working" and "comprehensive networking" alike. It's based on their concept of the 'four different approaches to working' - focus, collaboration, education and socialising. Design Offices' locations offer those four types of working in tailor-made rooms and office space, which use their philosophy of creativity and productivity to shape working habits.  Design Offices  

A vision of flexibility

The need for an office that can adapt and offer a variety of services is recognised by its founder and CEO, Michael O. Schmutzer.

"The modern workplace has undergone some radical changes. Companies need to respond quickly and flexibly if they are to remain competitive", he says. 

 "Individuals are facing greater challenges too — having to work in changing locations at irregular times and staying contactable 24/7. That's only feasible if communication is made more efficient and if this objective is incorporated into workplace layouts."

Like many of the most successful serviced offices in the industry, Design Offices is underpinned by a central philosophy, which Schmutzer describes as believing that "a custom-made, inspiring work environment with a flexible office infrastructure leads to improved results and promotes performance and a sense of well-being."

It's that mentality and provision that has enticed the likes of Daimler, BMW and Red Bull into housing themselves in Design Offices. 
Design Offices

The philosophy of design

And that's all very well, but how does it translate into workable office space?

How does Design Offices create "a sense of well-being"? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, it starts with design. Schmutzer is keen to stress that everything in the office has been thought through - from the premium furniture that litters carpet-clad floors, to the glistening Nespresso machines on the worktop, around which workers from SMEs, startups and German Fintech swarm. 

The company produces its own (impeccably designed) in-house magazine, which contains its 'coworking manifesto', urging 'networkers of all nations, unite!'.

 If a revolution is happening in office space, this is what it looks like. 

Towards the future

Design Offices are still opening new offices - the most recent is in the Stuttgart Tower - some have penthouses, rooftop terraces or atriums and all have DO eateries. The 'socialising' aspect of Design Offices' philosophy of work is fulfilled by space which genuinely encourages collaboration and interaction. as Schmutzer puts it, "each site is characterized by a design intrinsically linked to its location"

For some of Germany's biggest companies, Design Offices' four types of working are central to to their success. It is a shining example of design, creativity and targeted socialisation put to excellent use. 

Read more about Design Offices: 
Design Offices' webpage



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