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Google Street View can show off your office

Anne-Kathrine Utzon
Getting a client from the webpage to the viewing can be the hardest part of maximising sales, but now they can both happen at once. Let MatchOffice set you up with 360 degree viewings and a fully-immersive in-browser experience, powered by the world's search engine.
Anne-Kathrine Utzon

Google Street View has long been the tool of pathfinders, digital cartographers and people wanting to have a snoop around their local area without the hassle of having to leave the house. Google's revolutionary service - launched in 2007 - features panorama images mostly taken by specialised cars that are knitted together into one continuous experience for users. Some frames have been captured by snowmobile, scuba diver and speedboat, and now Google and MatchOffice are offering the chance for you to take your own pictures to add to their service. Street View is coming off of the streets.  

Explore a virtual tour of one of Regus' serviced offices in Copenhagen

It's a long-established fact that consumers like to shop around and investigate products before they make a purchase. The advent of the internet has made that even easier, as consumers 'try before they buy' through online descriptions, images and customer reviews. That can leave industries such as property and services offices out in the cold, as they're unable to match the immersive experience of clients actually visiting the space when they're only using a web browser.  

Make a modern workspace stand out on a modern platform

Research by Lincoln University, New Zealand, has found that customers prefer to experience property through centralized online services with names they can trust, rather than on a variety of small-scale, disparate websites. That's where MatchOffice comes in. With it's highly navigable site with search results from countries all across Europe, its teaming up with Google and putting your serviced office into 360 tours means that you can immerse potential clients in the workspace they could be using for their business.  

Historically, listings which display a large number well-lit photographs which generate a good sense of place and modernity are the most attractive to customers. The recent addition of video tours in listings has seen the take-up rate of offices which use them shoot skywards. Yet there's still a problem with video tours, that only let you see what the cameraman wants you to. A Street View 360 tour lets clients have a good look around your office, in the way that they might do if they were visiting in person. But this time, they're on the metro, in bed at home or taking a break from work, and they can be right inside your property via their smartphone, iPad or laptop.  

Share and promote your serviced office

Google's astounding level of integration into other online services and relaxed attitude towards working with private websites means that you can display your 360 tour on your own site, on, and share it through social media and on Google+. Customers searching for offices in an area on Google Maps will be given the unique chance to step into your office alone, along with links to the site where they can hire space.  

Interested in a Google Street View tour?

Don't worry about the technicalities - MatchOffice has an English photographer with a Google certificate who can come to your office and create an attractive and accessible virtual tour 

for your clients to enjoy. If you want to boost your success rate online, give MatchOffice a call and we can discuss dispatching our team to set up a virtual tour for you. All you need is a registered company at that address, a Google+ account linked to your business and to appear on Google Maps. Have those three things and fancy giving it a go? Let MatchOffice connect you with more people online with a Google Street View tour.

Contact our English photographer, Matt Marsh, if you would like to know more.




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