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Nissan caravan

Home office on the go - take a trip and leave corona crisis behind

Steen Uno
Feeling Covid-19 sick and tired after an endless year working from your home? Now Nissan presents a tempting home office on wheels furnished in a Caravan NV350 model - created to drive out and leave your corona crisis behind ...
Steen Uno

Leave your home office behind - take a trip out in nature and forget all about the corona crisis in Nissan's new office pod caravan for digital nomads presented at a Japanese custom car show in January.  

Nissan's rolling home office designed in a Caravan NV350 model accommodates an office module with a desk, a stylish Herman Miller chair and a coffee machine sliding out of the rear end with a touch on the smartphone.  

When it's time for a coffee break, you step easily and comfortably up to the rooftop terrace with an inviting sunbed and a large parasol.

The smart Nissan workstation on wheels will put an end to your stereotype office working from home - it is your obvious chance to take a drive and work from anywhere ...     


Around the world, thousands of employees have been working in their home offices since March last year. In the isolated environment, many have felt a lack of social inspiration, spirit and mental well-being.  

Dozens of experts suggest corona-tired homeworking office attendants taking breaks during the stereotype hours at their laptops and PCs with jogging or strolling and as many trips out in nature as possible.


issan's rolling workstation designed in a Caravan NV350 accommodates an office
module with desk, chair and coffee maker - sliding out of the rear end with a touch
on your smartphone.


Studies show that having a break in nature can have a good effect on attention span. Therefore, you should take a walk during the workday, or have a cup of coffee on your terrace or balcony.

Now Nissan offers you to roll your daily home office out in nature, but more than that: You can feel free to move it around as far and as long as you want.

On wheels?

Nissan's rolling office pod concept was first unveiled and aired at the virtual Tokyo Auto Salon 2021 custom car show in mid-January.  

Still, this most inviting rolling office is at the idea stage waiting for the Japanese car group to consider whether there will be sufficient international interest to put the concept on wheels and into production.  ●


Thousands of employees have been working from home since March last year, and
now they are suffering from corona fatigue and longing to escape the home offices
- maybe in Nissan's new rolling office pod ...                                  



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