How to Find Tenants for Your Commercial Space

How to Find Tenants for Your Commercial Space

Hristijan Veceski
In this article, we will explore various methods to market your property effectively, vet potential tenants, and navigate the leasing process smoothly.
Hristijan Veceski

Finding the right tenants for your commercial space can be a challenging but rewarding task.

In this article, we will explore various methods to market your property effectively, vet potential tenants, and navigate the leasing process smoothly.

By following these steps, you can maximise your chances of finding reliable tenants and maintaining a successful commercial rental business.

Tips for Finding Tenants for Your Commercial Space


Utilizing various methods can increase your chances of success when looking for tenants for your commercial space.

Below, we outline several effective strategies, each with its own unique benefits and considerations.

1. List Your Space

Listing your space on commercial lease and real estate platforms is a widely used and highly effective method to find a tenant for a rental property.

These online platforms serve as centralized marketplaces specifically designed to connect property owners with a vast audience of potential tenants.

By showcasing your available commercial spaces on these platforms, you can significantly increase the visibility of your property, making it easier to attract suitable tenants.

One of the primary advantages of using commercial real estate platforms is their extensive reach.

These platforms are frequented by a diverse range of potential tenants actively searching for commercial spaces that meet their specific requirements.

Whether your property is suitable for retail stores, office spaces, restaurants, or other commercial uses, listing it on these platforms ensures that it is seen by many interested parties.

Moreover, these platforms often offer a variety of tools and features designed to enhance your listing and make it stand out.

For instance, you can include high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, virtual tours, and floor plans to provide potential tenants with a comprehensive view of your space.


  • Wide Reach: Online platforms have a large user base, increasing your chances of finding the right tenant.

  • Ease of Use: Creating a listing is straightforward and can be done quickly.

  • Visibility: Many platforms have high traffic, which boosts your property's visibility.

  • Cost-Effective: Some platforms offer free or low-cost listing options, making it easier to manage your marketing budget.

  • Advanced Tools: Platforms often provide tools to enhance your listing, such as high-quality photos, virtual tours, and detailed descriptions.


  • Competition: With many listings available, your property might face stiff competition.

  • Cost: Some platforms charge a fee for listing your property.

One such platform is MatchOffice, where you can list your commercial locations and reach a wide audience. It’s the best way to find tenants for rental property.

2. Hire A Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Hiring a commercial real estate brokerage can be one of the most effective strategies to find tenants for a rental property.

These brokers possess extensive networks, including connections with people looking for tenants and other industry professionals, which they can leverage to your advantage.

Moreover, their expertise in the commercial real estate market allows them to understand the unique requirements and preferences of different types of businesses.

This knowledge enables them to match your property with suitable tenants who are most likely to benefit from and appreciate the space you offer.

By utilizing their services, you significantly increase your chances of securing reliable and long-term tenants for your commercial property.


  • Expertise: Brokers understand the market and can provide valuable advice.

  • Network: They have connections with potential tenants and other brokers.

  • Time-Saving: Brokers handle the marketing and leasing process, saving you time.

  • Market Insight: Brokers have in-depth knowledge of market trends and tenant requirements.

  • Negotiation Skills: They can negotiate favourable lease terms on your behalf.


  • Cost: Broker fees can be substantial, typically a percentage of the lease value.

  • Dependence: You rely on the broker's efforts and network to get tenants.

3. Offer as Many Additional Features as Possible

Providing additional features for your shared office spaces can significantly enhance the attractiveness of your property to find a tenant for commercial property, making it stand out in a competitive market.

These features not only add value but also address the specific needs and preferences of modern businesses, increasing the likelihood of securing a lease.

Some key features to consider include:

  • Security of the Premises

Ensuring that your property is safe and secure is a top priority for most tenants.

This includes implementing security measures such as surveillance cameras, security personnel, and secure access systems.

A well-secured property gives tenants peace of mind, knowing that their business operations and assets are protected.

  • High-Speed Internet/Wi-Fi

Having access to high-speed internet and Wi-Fi is essential for virtually all businesses.

Offering reliable and fast internet connectivity can be a major selling point, as it enables tenants to run their operations efficiently, stay connected, and maintain productivity.

  • Flexible Lease Terms

Offering flexible lease terms can make your property appealing to a wider range of tenants looking for property.

Flexibility might include short-term leases, renewal options, or customizable lease agreements that cater to the specific needs of different businesses.

This adaptability can attract startups, small businesses, and established companies looking for tailored leasing options.

  • Shared Amenities

Providing shared amenities such as meeting rooms, conference facilities, lounge areas, and kitchens can greatly enhance your property's appeal.

These features create a more convenient and collaborative working environment, which can be particularly appealing to tenants looking for a space that fosters productivity and community.

  • Parking

Adequate parking is a significant advantage for any commercial property.

Ensuring there is sufficient parking space for tenants and their customers can be a critical factor in their decision-making process.

Convenient parking solutions enhance the overall accessibility and convenience of your property, making it more attractive to potential tenants.


  • Attractiveness: More features make your property stand out.

  • Value Addition: Enhances the overall value of your property.

  • Tenant Satisfaction: Additional features can improve tenant satisfaction and retention.

  • Competitive Edge: Offering unique amenities can give you a competitive advantage.

  • Versatility: Catering to diverse tenant needs can attract a wider range of businesses.


  • Cost: Implementing these features can be expensive.

  • Maintenance: Additional features require upkeep and management.

By incorporating these additional features, you can effectively differentiate your property from others on the market.

4. Referral Program

Implementing a referral program can be a powerful strategy for attracting tenants through the trusted and reliable method of word-of-mouth.

This approach leverages the networks of your existing tenants, friends, and real estate agents, encouraging them to actively participate in finding suitable tenants for your commercial space.

By offering attractive incentives for successful referrals, you can motivate these individuals to recommend your property to others, significantly increasing your chances of finding quality tenants.

A well-structured referral program can be highly effective for several reasons.

First, referrals from current tenants, friends, or real estate agents are based on an inherent level of trust and credibility.

When someone refers a potential tenant, it often implies a personal endorsement, which can be far more convincing than traditional advertising methods.

Potential tenants are more likely to consider and trust a property recommended by someone they know and respect.


  • Cost-Effective: Often cheaper than other marketing methods.

  • Trust: Referrals come with a degree of trust and reliability.

  • Network Expansion: Leverages existing relationships to find new tenants.

  • High Conversion Rate: Referred tenants are more likely to sign a lease due to the trust factor.

  • Engagement: Involves current tenants in the process, fostering a sense of community.


  • Incentive Costs: You need to provide attractive incentives.

  • Limited Reach: Relies on your existing network and their willingness to refer.



To find the right tenant for your commercial space involves employing a combination of strategies to maximize your reach and attract suitable candidates.

Listing your space on commercial real estate platforms is one of the most effective methods, as it provides extensive visibility and access to a broad audience of potential tenants actively searching for properties.

Additionally, hiring a commercial real estate brokerage can be highly beneficial due to their expertise and vast network, which can streamline the leasing process and increase the likelihood of securing reliable, long-term tenants.

By leveraging these approaches, you can enhance your chances of maintaining a successful commercial rental business.

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