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How to make your profile stand out

Anne-Kathrine Utzon
We've seen a lot of office profiles, and a lot of deals go through. We know what works and what doesn't. Get our four tips on how to optimize your profile on
Anne-Kathrine Utzon

Caroline Designer

1. Choose your photos well

Images are the central focus of any online profile. As Caroline Lehmann Nelson, UI/UX designer at MatchOffice says, "images has a proven greater impact on the recipient than text, why it is very important to make use of good photos to show off your serviced office." t's important to think about the sort of images that you use. They should be of high quality, show perspective and be a mixture of close and far-away shots to showcase the range of features of your office.

Adding people is also a useful feature of an image. Your potential clients can relate to other people, and showing the office being used is a great way to allow them to imagine themselves using it. You don't want your space to look uninhabitable or cold. 

We'd recommend that you have pictures of your entire serviced office, and not just photos of your kitchen and one office. Use a professional photographer to make the office look its best.   

2. Descriptions that do your office justice

So, it looks nice. Why should I pay for it? That's the question you should be asking yourself - and that your profile text should answer. It should be attractive but functional, so potential clients can get a grasp of the features that your space can offer them.

Which value do you add to tenants’ business? Is it a creative working environment? Do you host cool events, operate with a special concept, provide a social and professional network, or something else? 

This is your space to capture the essence of working in your office. Don't use the profile text as a space just to list all of the facilities that your serviced office offers. You are better to use the ‘Facilities’ space further down in the listing, so your clients don't end up wading through the same information twice.

 All this doesn't neccesarily mean that you need to write a long text, rather quality than quantity.

3. Have a good location text 

Location is an absolutely crucial factor in the decision to choose an office. Tenants are very concerned with how close your office is to major transport links, cafés or supermarkets for lunch breaks and coffee shops for Monday mornings. 

We'd recommend that you describe the area and where within it your serviced office is located. The website includes a map feature, so clients will be able to see where in the city you are located. You just need to describe what it's like to actually be there.

4. Always have an updated profile

Sometimes you want to have a bit of a change in your office. That's great, you should keep it fresh, but it's absolutely vital that you also keep your profile updated. If you make any changes to the office, in design or layout, it's really important that you update your pictures and description to keep clients informed. 

The text and photos should always represent your office as it is now. You want customers to be impressed when they walk in, not surprised because they were expecting something else!

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