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MatchOffice launch new local sites

Anne-Kathrine Utzon
Over the last few months, MatchOffice has relaunched its website in six countries, aiming to create value for both tenants and landlords.
Anne-Kathrine Utzon

The last four months have seen MatchOffice introduce their brand-new websites to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Poland and Finland. By the end of this year, all other MatchOffice country sites will be on the new platform.

"The new MatchOffice website will allow our partners to frame their serviced offices in a more modern, user-friendly interface with improved photo quality. With an enhanced user experience and improved search functions, the site will create more high value leads for our partners," says Hauke Haas at MatchOffice. Hauke Haas, MatchOffice  

Clients can search by city, area, street name, building name or address to find a serviced office which matches their specific and personal needs.

During 2016, MatchOffice will also launch a new admin site for our partners, which will make it easier to update and manage information about their offices and give them access to valuable user data.

A modern and personal approach

The behind the new platform has been to establish a more personal and user-friendly approach.

"We strive to improve our customer service on our new sites. With that in mind, we have implemented a chat function and a local phone number and e-mail address option. Our users should be able to feel our presence, which among other reasons is why we display all of our team members for clients to see," Says Hauke Haas.

Besides having employees from Norway, Sweden and Poland, we last year hired Spanish, Finnish and German employees. By having employees from the various countries we serve, we are able to provide customer support in clients' native language, which puts them at ease. This is part of an ongoing staff expansion programme, in which we will continue to look for new employees with targeted language skills.

Furthermore, the sites aim to show what we strive to be - innovative, professional, user orientated and transparent.

Greater value with higher user experience

To make this evident in our online presentation, we hired a new UX/UI designer last year named Caroline Lehmann Nelson.

Her job involves making it easy for our users to find the information they need when they visit our sites. 

Caroline Lehmann

"It is an ongoing and challenging process to optimize the user interface in order to increase the conversion rate and the quality of leads. Yet over time it will create great value for our users, clients and our business. 

It requires that I continuously examine how people actually interact with our site by using different test functions. This is my main focus this year. I am also looking into improving MatchOffice's mobile-friendliness, a technology developing at a very fast pace but which is increasingly important to prospective clients," says Caroline Nelson.

To help implement Caroline’s new vision for the site, MatchOffice has hired a team of in-house web development experts. Moving from outsourced development to an in-house team means that changes can be implemented quickly, and if an error occurs we can react immediately. 


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