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New handy features to improve your profile on MatchOffice

Martin Roerholt
MatchOffice is excited to present innovative design solutions for our website and introduce you to our brandnew platform and design features.
Martin Roerholt

Our new platform can boast more functions to improve user experience and make letting office space on our site even smoother and faster.

It will give you better control over listings and broader access to data and make more information available to your potential clients.

The redesigned MatchOffice website will allow our partners to frame their serviced offices in a more modern, user-friendly interface with improved photo quality and search functions.

Let us introduce you to some of our new design features, which can make your serviced office stand out and look more attractive to potential clients than ever.



A prospectus can be uploaded for each location and automatically sent to potential tenants when they order information on your premises.

By adding it to your advert, you will enable your prospective clients to quickly discover more about your business center, and they might wish to visit the office.

As many of the questions that tenants might have are already answered in a prospectus, you can partially skip this step, which can accelerate the process of negotiation and sales.




A video is a great way to show off your office space and an effective tool to target the right audience: potential clients can instantly see all the benefits of your office, and chances of receiving relevant high-quality leads improve.

Clients who are really interested in knowing more about your premises can order more information. This can save you a lot of time and resources. Combine this with a prospectus, i.e. to give them a price estimate of your offerings, and you have a perfect starting point for selling them your product.

If you have a video for your location on the video sharing service Vimeo, you are welcome to request that we feature it our new website.

New handy features 

Virtual Reality (VR)

At MatchOffice we always try to take advantage of leading edge technologies. Virtual Reality allows your clients to have an immersive and instant experience of your premises without time-consuming visits.

An unlimited number of potential tenants can explore your location and we notify you when someone downloaded your virtual tour, thus providing you with a brand-new channel for generating sales-ready leads.

A virtual tour will help facilitate the dialogue with potential clients.

Hint: At the moment, providers with a virtual tour get exclusive ranking in search results.


Virtual reality



Client focus and transparency are our principles towards work. Therefore, we aim to provide you with as much information as possible to help you keep track of your adverts and improve them to ensure a faster rental, as data analysis might be crucial for this process.

As a provider on MatchOffice, you have a comprehensive overview of your listed premises. Also, you can make changes and get updates on lease agreements - this will remain the same as before.

However, on the new platform, you will have an improved experience with more data available. For each of the locations, you will be able to see the number of visitors and how many of them have ordered further information.

MatcHoffice guide to providers


Download the PDF right here:

MatchOffice Sales guide









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