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Anne-Kathrine Utzon
Interface upgrades, unified visual identity and new features for providers are among the exciting upgrades to planned for this year
Anne-Kathrine Utzon

MatchOffice’s new website will make it easier for our providers to advertise, tenants to search, and for business leads to be created. 

In 2017, MatchOffice will relaunch its website, with a modern and more user friendly design. In 2016, we introduced the new design to local sites in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Poland and Finland, but 2017 will see the full amalgamation take place. 

", as an international platform, will allow our partners to present the serviced offices they have to offer by using our modern, user-friendly interface,” said Jakob Dalhoff, MatchOffice CEO. 

“The photo quality will be higher on the new site and, with an enhanced user experience and improved search functions, the site will create better leads for our partners."

Clients on the new site can search by city, area, street name, building name or address to find a serviced office which matches their specific and personal needs.

Clicking, easier

The new platform’s goal has been to establish a more personal and user-friendly approach. Jakob Dalhoff

"We strive to improve our customer service on our new sites. With that in mind, we have implemented a chat function and a local phone number and e-mail address option. Our users should be able to feel our presence, which among other reasons is why we display all of our team members for users to see," says Jakob.

The new website will also unify the colour scheme and visual identity of MatchOffice’s branding, making the green logo and aesthetics universal to the MatchOffice platform.

In addition to these improvements in user interface, in 2017 MatchOffice hopes to launch a new admin site for our office owners, to make listing and updating content even easier. 

The site will also give them access to our virtual tours feature, the ability to upload video content to enhance users’ experience of the offices, and more accessible contact information to make leads even easier. 

New site, new faces

In order to achieve all of these new features, we’ve hired new digital staff who work on the website, and new employees from our local sites to make language access easier for our customers across the world. 

By having employees from Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands and Germany, we are able to provide customer support in users' native language, which puts them at ease. This is part of an ongoing staff expansion programme, in which we will continue to look for new employees with targeted language skills.

Caroline Nelson is MatchOffice’s UX/UI designer, who will work with the team to bring to life. 

"It is an ongoing and challenging process to optimize the user interface in order to increase the conversion rate and the quality of leads. Yet over time it will create great value for our users, clients and our business,” she says. 

“It requires that I continuously examine how people actually interact with our site by using different test functions. This is my main focus this year. I am also looking into improving MatchOffice's mobile-friendliness, a technology developing at a very fast pace but which is increasingly important to prospective clients."

So why the new upgrade?

“We’ve done it to ensure that we create as much value as possible for our users – and that that they’ll find the right serviced office,” says Jakob. 

“It’s that way that the chance of them using our site in the further search increases. Our business partners will benefit from it be receiving more and better leads. 

“The new site will be much more user friendly and have a more appealing design, better functionality and create a better experience in general. It will be able to show the serviced office in a much better way.”

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