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Nine nice apps

Nine nice apps to have - when working from home efficiently

Steen Uno
Corona lockdown caused a global breakthrough to the home office, and companies expect their employees to perform just as efficiently from home as in the office. Watch a few tips to perform even sharper on the distance.
Steen Uno

During the past eight months with COVID-19, several studies already concluded that working from home doesn´t affect or reduce global office employee´s workflow and efficiency.     

According to a recent survey from the Norwegian Institute of Transport Economics, 74% of home-working Oslo office employees estimate that they are just as efficient or more behind their desktops in their private home as they are at the office. 

And similar studies among business leaders confirm that the corona-created homework wave has left very positive impressions and results in terms of their employees' loyalty and productivity.      

MatchOffice News has selected nine nice apps for companies, organizations, employees and teams who aim to optimize their efficient workflows on the distance:





Popular software recording your and your team's time spent across many projects by using a digital timesheet. The app measures and documents the time consumption of your work task, how profitable it is, the time consumption of your customers and your employees' performances.   
Free and paid versions available for Chrome, Firefox, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS. 



Useful task, time and project management app that helps your team organize, coordinate and streamline your work plans and schedules via a simple listing system and a manageable user interface. Efficient as a to-do list that allows you to implement a wealth of details for your projects.  
Free and paid versions available for Web, Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS.




Graphic design platform with easy user access to create SoMe graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. Users can choose from a variety of design templates, create infographics, upload photos and much more.
Free and paid versions available for Mac, Windows, Chrome, Android, iOS.


iA Writer

Smart and efficient writing and editing program with a very simple interface and layout. A minimum of features support copywriters, content writers and many other writers to focus tightly on their writing process by minimizing distractions. 
Free trial, $29.90 Mac, iOS, Windows, Android.



Performance tool for employers, managers, etc. to gather regular employee feedback and maintain an efficient workflow on the distance. Employees answer a 15-minute questionnaire each week and then receive a constructive response from their manager. 
Free and paid versions available for Web, iOS, Android.



A user-friendly and flexible tool for taking screenshots and producing video recordings of the computer screen. Great help to screen dump photos for presentations, create animated GIFs, streamline content, course materials, etc. in terms of predefined templates.
Free and paid versions available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome.




Free Google Chrome extension for Windows, Mac, and Linux-based computers - a hyper-efficient blocking tool that limits timewasting browsing on irrelevant websites precisely to the number of minutes or hours the user has previously set.
Free available for Google Chrome.



Well-functioning to-do list app that supports organizing the daily tasks, saving notes, planning events, activities and other chores in the built-in calendar, which makes it possible to collaborate with colleagues on collaborative projects.
Free available for iOS, Android.

Excellent free online tool for brainstorming processes between inhouse as well as external teammates and teams. Easy to create colourful mind maps that you can print or share with others. Good user-friendly surface designed to reduce distractions and increase focus.
Free and paid versions available for Web, Windows, Linux, Mac.  ●



















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