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Quarterly Partnership Reporting Q1 2017

Anne-Kathrine Utzon
MatchOffice proudly present to all our partners, for the first time ever, a new interesting one-pager.

The new one-pager makes it easy for all our partners to find information about how to get the most out of the partnership and also keep updated on some of the key performance indicators for MatchOffice.

"From time to time when a new contact person for our many partners is introduced to MatchOffice, for instance because of new staffing or internal restructuring, a lot of the valuable information the previous contact person had is unfortunately not transferred. This is not beneficial to their business as they potentially lose out on a lot of tenants which we try and limit as much as possible with this new one-pager. Being able to combine this valuable information with some performance numbers is only a plus and i hope people will welcome it.", says Martin Roerholt, Global Relationship Manager at MatchOffice.

The new one-pager will be published every quarter forward on.

Click here to access the new one-pager.



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