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See you in Amsterdam - join Coworking Europe with a MatchOffice Special 10% discount

Steen Uno
Over 500 dedicated coworkers from 45 countries will attend Coworking Europe Conference 2018 November 14-16 in Amsterdam - one of the largest international conferences & events on coworking.
Steen Uno

Steen Uno 

More than 500 coworking space operators, community managers, industry players, office space developers and investors from all around the world have announced their arrival to the during the three-day conference in B. Amsterdam - the biggest ecosystem for startups in Europe. 

Amsterdam is rapidly developing to one of the largest startup cities in Europe. Coworking spaces are trendy among the entrepreneurs and freelancers in the town, and this makes Amsterdam a very dedicated place to stage this year's Coworking Europe conference.

During the three most busy and exciting days Coworking Europe 2018 will open-minded coworkers discuss the multidimensional characters of today´s coworking:

A flourishing industry and a strengthening cultural movement that reformulates the idea of what the workplace should be and what it should deliver regarding human interaction in the 21st century.

Future of office work life

As an Emerald Partner, MatchOffice is co-sponsoring this annual real estate and able to offer our collaborators a 10% special discount for their tickets to the upcoming networking event which focuses broadly on the explosive rise of coworking and its impact on entrepreneurship, innovation and the future of the workplace worldwide.

"Last November in Dublin, MatchOffice and the organizers succeeded to attract and gather 422 dedicated coworking stakeholders from 40 nations, who eagerly debated and discussed the tremendous movements of the pioneering new ways, waves, and future of our daily office work life.

In Amsterdam we´re looking forward to welcoming a record number of global coworking addicts and benchmarking the conference as the international highlight of coworking business," says Martin Roerholt, Chief Operations Officer at MatchOffice.

MatchOffice recently published the annual Survey Report 2018 based on statistical reports from 979 serviced offices in 45 countries. The report documents that the significant influx to serviced offices and modern coworking environments continues these year´s remarkable record progress.  ●

We invite you to book your Coworking Europe 2018 access via MatchOffice by using our discount code MatchOfficeCWE18.





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