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Set up an office tent - your company's cheap and easy pod solution

Steen Uno
Offices are now calling back their remote workers, but how has your company been preparing the post-corona office workday? This cheap quickly arranged tent pod might be a solution for your future office environment also.
Steen Uno

Significantly fewer desks and wider walkways, more floor areas and much more space between office workstations and zones in general.

Throughout the summer, companies have been busy adjusting their office designs and interiors so that employees can feel as comfortable and safe as possible when returning from the summer holidays. For many, after more than a year and a half of homework.

The US-based furniture company Steelcase just launched this pod tent, which can be easily and quickly set up in office environments providing employees with a comfortable, private work environment for focus time.

The office tent is inspired by Steelcase’s recent research into the work-from-home experience. Office workers will now return and expect to find their former workstations upgraded with new up-to-date interiors and designs.  

Better work experiences 

"The pandemic has changed many different aspects of our lives, including where and how employees prefer to work. They don´t just want to return to what they had before but expect better work experiences in the future. 

Therefore, companies make efforts to provide their employees with safe and inspiring environments to return to," Steelcase Design Director Markus McKenna says.  



Office pods have become one of the big hits of the post-covid office environment.
US company Steelcase has launched this office tent, easy and cheap to set up and
giving almost any office space new colourful life and atmosphere.


”Today, a lot of modern office employees work as nomads performing in not just one but several different office areas during their working day or week.

Our new tent pod offers these global employees a sense of safeness and privacy wherever they need it - a place for focus time or a moment of solitude shielded from the office environment," Markus McKenna says.

Post-corona hit

With the reopenings all over the world, the Steelcase office pod produced in many designs has become something of a hit for all kinds of office spaces and environments.

Besides shielding from the spread of infections between employees, the popular office pods are suitable for dividing larger office environments into smaller recreational units.


Besides shielding from the spread of infections between employees, the office pod
can be ideal for dividing larger office environments into smaller recreational units.



Steelcase has yet to price their new tent pod, which is very easy to set up and move around. Available in several colours, the diameter at the widest section is 88", the height measures 92".     

The new tent pod post-covid solutions from Steelcase is part of a new collection also featuring a Table Tent ($435) and a Boundary Tent ($570).  ● 



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