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Thanks for working with us in 2016!

Anne-Kathrine Utzon
This year has seen unprecedented development for MatchOffice, growth into new markets, the merger with our sister company and a host of new staff in all sectors. Thanks for all of your support and hard work with us, and a happy new year to you!
Anne-Kathrine Utzon

It’s been an exciting year, both for the serviced office industry and for us at MatchOffice, and we wanted to write to say thank you for being a part of it. We’ve expanded our services and our reach – opening in the Dutch market for the first time and new offices in Ukraine and Finland, offering virtual reality tours to our clients and hiring a new cohort of talented staff. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed working with us this year, and we look forward to another twelve months of success and expansion. Happy new year!The 2016 MatchOffice Industry Survey

We brought you the MatchOffice Survey again this year, publishing the latest information on the state of the serviced office industry across the world.

689 offices responded to our survey and helped us build up a picture of the market; we revealed that 60% of offices have more than 80% occupancy in 2016, with almost 90% of European offices reporting a positive outlook for the year ahead. Check the report out here: MatchOffice Survey Report  

Getting online in the Netherlands

In 2016, we relaunched our Dutch platform to increase functionality for users in the Netherlands. The Dutch market is one of the most occupied, with more than half of offices with more than 80% occupancy. 

Virtual reality

Industry surveyOur new virtual tours offer the chance for customers to ‘view’ office spaces as if they were there – from the comfort of their own sofas. Our Google-certified photographer Matt Marsh has been helping clients promote their offices with VR. 

Read more: Virtual Reality will show off your office 

New office in Ukraine

At the end of 2016, MatchOffice opened a new department with five IT developers and other employees in the historic center of Lviv in Ukraine. It has been very difficult to recruit the right software developers in Denmark, where our headquarters is located. The new IT base now include five software developers and a few marketing and communications assistants, although the staff is expected to expand soon, with a handful of skilled Ukrainian software developers. 

Jakob Dalhoff, CEO at MatchOffice, said, “Over the last past year we have bee in a serviced office in Lviv, but this summer our board decided that it is now time to go all-in in Ukraine.”

The new MatchOffice employees in Ukraine are part of a development team that looks to optimise web content and the MatchOffice websites, in order to maximise efficiency and ease of use for our customers. 

New Finnish Office:

In the middle of 2016, we rented an office in Finland and hired a Finnish full-time employee called Ella Lindberg to be head of the Finnish Market. Her physical presence helps to serve our clients and users in a better way in Finland and create more value. The Finnish office is a pilot system – if it works, we will be investing in offices like that in other countries in Europe. 

A new board:

The start of 2016 saw a new board for MatchOffice, consisting of three well-known Danish business profiles, who hope this will sharpen our international development potential and our corporate brand. 
New board

The board also consist of co-founder and CEO of MatchOffice, Jakob Dalhoff, and Sofie Skafte Moeller, Product Owner at MatchOffice. 

One of the boards new faces is Matias Møl Dalsgaard, who is a former employee at McKinsey & Co., the worldwide management consultancy firm. He is founder and CEO of the successful Danish platform Gomore that operates within the shared economy. Matias has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and has experience with social and online business.

Sales and Marketing Director Peter Hestbæk, from the successful Danish online bookstore Saxo, also joined the new board. He has a great experience with online marketing and what it means to create value with an online presence. Peter Hestbæk is looking forward to contributing to the developing and optimizing of MatchOffice. 

In addition, the experienced Danish Real Estate specialist and business strategist Jesper Larsen joined as chairman for MatchOffice’s new board. 

“I am proud to help the business grow. I work in the real estate industry and therefore I have a great insight into what the customer demands.”

New visual identity:

 MatchOffice and her Danish sister company,, merged in 2016. In order to combine the two brands and enhance the brand equity of both brands, MatchOffice adopted the green colour from It is thus now not only focussed on the joint forces of the two brands, but the rebranding process will also highlight the ongoing innovation at MatchOffice HQ. 

The MatchOffice logo has also been updated with the green colour. This integrated visual identity across nations makes it better and easier to convey international costumers. 

MatchOffice’s new recruits:

We’ve been hiring new employees in all sectors to improve the service that we offer to serviced office providers and to tenants.

  • Ella Lindberg is working full-time to kickstart the Finnish market. 

  • Arthur Buijs is a Market Assistant for the Netherlands – he is doing his Master’s degree in British and American Studies at Copenhagen University. 

  • Sonia Sabala, Market Assistant in Ukraine and Henny Bruhn-Möller, a Market Assistant for Sweden who studies Information Management at Copenhagen Business School. 

  • Anna Von Sievers is our Swedish Assistant and studies Business, Arts and Culture at Copenhagen Business School. 

  • Miel Pedersen who works as a copywriter. 

  • Jacob Britze and Morten Arvad are our new Key Account Managers. 

  • To improve and optimize our sites we hired four new software developers: Alex Zhogolev, Anton Maminov, Nikita Golodenko and Lev Lukomskyi.


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