Try these 9 free AI tools and useful ChatGPT alternatives

Try these 9 free AI tools and useful ChatGPT alternatives

Steen Uno
Since OpenAI launched its ground-breaking ChatGPT chatbot prototype last year, a tidal wave of alternative text writers and photo and graphics generators has swept the market with partly free editions and options.
Steen Uno

Numerous small, medium and big tech companies currently fight tough battles to get into the slipstream and try to take advantage of the successful exposure and huge media hype around ChatGPT.

Despite its popularity, ChatGPT has several limitations. It cannot generate real-time data because it builds on data from and before 2021 and does not succeed with visuals, AI art, and voice responses.

The fact that ChatGPT Plus also costs $20 per month may motivate many chatbot users to turn to the currently growing range of free alternatives.

There is already a swarm of AI-based software - text writers, virtual assistants, SEO solutions, code generators, etc. - which can widely match and tailor to your professional or personal needs.


Most recently, in July, Google made its AI chatbot Google Bard available to users in the EU. It builds on Google's Large Language Model, known as LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications).

The Magazine NINEtoFIVE has selected these nine apps that you can advantageously experiment with and use for free as the most convenient alternatives to or together with ChatGPT:


Canva Magic

Popular Australian graphic design platform creating social media graphics and presentations. Last spring, they launched the new AI tools, Magic Design, Magic Write, Magic Edit and Magic Presentation, all available on version Canva Free.
● Canva Free $0,00, Canva Pro $119,99/year/person, Canva for teams $149,90/year/for the first 5 people



Exciting AI platform created by the conversational search engine, where the user formulates comprehensive questions as if to a person. YouChat answers questions in a simple language and can produce blogs, ideas and code.
● Free $0,00, YouPro $9.99/month



Write your pro application and resume in seconds. Kickresume is a revolutionary AI tool, the best on the market, offering to deliver all precise words for the job application, resume and cover letters that will land you the job of your dreams.
● Free $0, Premium $60/year

AI platform created to automate your repetitive manual, monotonous tasks and save time by optimizing your workflows and efficiency. Bardeen is easy to use and can be adapted precisely to your needs and business processes.  
● Starter $0, Professional $10-15/month

AI-based presentation generator that focuses on creating stunning and professional-looking presentations helps users create visually appealing slides and offers automatic layout design, content suggestions, etc.
● Basic $0, Pro $12/month, Team $480/year



Super fast AI tool generating beautiful presentations and slideshows based on a single text prompt. Your presentations contain a complete text template and include AI-generated photos to complement texts.
● Free $0, Pro $8-10/month


Text Blaze

The perfect tool to support you to streamline workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks. Also, it improves results through consistent, accurate and complete communication that ensures consistency and completeness.
● Basic $0, Pro $2,99/month, Business $6,99/month



Advanced AI-powered writing tool that helps the user rephrase sentences, rewrite articles and create AI-generated content. It completes language processing and productivity tools for grammar checking and writing improvements.
● Free $0, Premium $8,33-19,95/month



Powerful AI chatbot where the user does not need to type but can speak a voice command and have the desired content generated. The AI tool can detect your tone and emotions and turn your text into art.
● Free Trial $0, Unlimited $16/month, Business $12,67/month


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