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Underground office

Working underground from home studio in your garden lawn

Steen Uno
Working underground has achieved a brand new dimension by Brazilian architect Igor Leal, who designed this amazing office studio to fit into the front garden of a residential home in Rio De Janeiro.
Steen Uno

The number of office workers who can continue to work from home in whole or in part even after the corona crisis will increase significantly - in some places at least doubling - according to surveys around the world.

Both employers and employees can see common benefits in saving each other and, above all, their business for many weekly hours of unproductive commuting.

Here is the obvious solution that limits the daily transport time to the office to just 20-30 steps from the garden door and across the lawn.

The Brazilian architect Igor Leal has designed this 44 sqm buried garden studio for a customer in Rio who hates to commute but still wants the peace of mind when working from home.       

Out at home

"The goal was to install a small office studio in the garden area in front of the customer's villa, but without ruining or affecting the view from inside the house," Igor Leal explains.

”My client, who works a lot from his home office, wanted the feeling of leaving the house, but still have an independent workspace in his home."



The daily commute time to the office was reduced to just 20 steps across the lawn
for the Brazilian villa owner in Rio De Janeiro.



´The underground office´ offers a workspace sized for two persons, a meeting table for four, a micro kitchen and a toilet catching rainwater.

The walls are built of concrete blocks, while the floor and ceiling are covered in wood. The outdoor area has just enough space to take short breaks and breathe fresh air. 


According to an English study, employers predict that the number of employees regularly working from their home offices will rise from 18% to 37% after the corona crisis.

Similar current studies show that up to 50% of business managers are expecting to expand their post-corona numbers of weekly and occasional homework days.  ●



After the corona crisis, twice as many office workers as today will be free to work at
least partially from home, several studies state.                




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