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Why rent Executive suites in Richmond

Virginia’s principal city performs a combination of nowadays life amenities and long-term history. It takes us back to 1737 when it was established and shows the heritage that it’s proud of. The city is home to about 1 million citizens, and this number is still rising. Richmond is a great place to live in due to its high economic rates. The willingness is determined according to the labor indexes of the region. The city shows brilliant results in this question because the statistics prove that there are 95.5% of employed people here. The concentration of various manufacturing industries in the region provides economic stability and helps citizens to get jobs for years. Law, finances, advertising, biotechnology, pharmaceutics, restaurant business, and filmmaking are the major spheres here. Such giants as Genworth, Philip Morris USA, McGuireWoods chose executive suites located in Richmond VA.

Business environment

Richmond got the status of the 3rd best city for launching an enterprise in 2007 according to MarketWatch. And this statement is already proved because 8 Fortune 500 organizations selected it. CarMax, PFG, and Altria Group are among them.

The government supports all the business initiatives and performs the best solutions for entrepreneurs. For example, they didn’t change the tax rate for more than 30 years – 6 %. The Virginia State also has special Grant Funds which support large corporations. The VA Biotechnology Park is home to 70 companies that do researches in the pharmaceutical, medical, and scientific spheres. It occupies 34 acres and is located close to the VCU Medical Center. Together, these establishments create a massive science hub in the East of the USA.

Where to rent top executive suites in Richmond VA

Downtown is the most active and official part of the city. It also is determined to be the central core of Richmond. People used to consider this district as the “tallest” one because there are many skyscrapers here. But there are two constructions which still impress everybody with their sizes.  James Monroe Building is almost 450 ft, and SunTrust Plaza is 400 ft!

The leaseholders provide well-equipped offices in the district which are famous for their executive options. An entrepreneur will find everything that is needed for comfortable business life: technologically prepared suites, spaces for negotiations, smooth Internet facilities, cleaning options, office manager support, etc. There are numerous opportunities for people who want to take a rest behind the walls of the executive suites located in Richmond VA. Such places as the Museum of Fine Arts, Children’s Museum, Library, Symphony, Ballet, and Opera establishments are a superb choice to get acquainted with the culture of the metropolis. Belle Isle views, sites of the Brown’s Island, paths of Monroe Park and the Botanical Garden with its marvelous herbs would paint anybody’s life with colorful paints. And the diversity of food spots will satisfy all the gourmand’s demands.

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