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Virtual office in Brussels - your affordable solution

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, located on the River Senne, but it is not visible in the city because it was blocked by Belgian engineers under the leadership of Henri Mo during the urbanization in the 19th century. Initially, the appearance of Brussels was formed from the monumental buildings surrounding the King's House erected by prosperous merchants and artisans. The European Economic Community (the predecessor of the EU) and the NATO, settled here in 1958 and 1967, respectively, provoked a rapid high-rise construction around the city. However, if you are not interested in renting physical premises in Brussels, but need a legal address and a telephone number here, a virtual office in a prestigious business center might be a great solution for you.  Check the best offers on our website and get a presence in Brussels in a few easy steps.

A business address in European District

The European District is the unofficial name of the neighbourhood in Brussels, where the biggest part of the Brussels offices of the European Union bodies is located. A significant portion of the modern European district was known in the past as the Leopold District and was a residential area of the city. However, the transformation of the residential district into an office hub began in 1958, after the World Insert, when offices of companies and banks started to move here, followed by European government structures. The construction was conducted without any master plan, so many buildings were built by private companies in places where they would otherwise not have been allowed. On the other hand, the Brussels authorities made efforts to secure the status of the European capital outside the city and therefore made significant investments in the infrastructure of the quarter. An official address here will add gravitas to your business without a doubt.

Package of services

When you rent a virtual office in Brussels, you may get such services as mail forwarding, handling calls on the behalf of your company, receiving parcels, and even a receptionist who can do business errands for you. Brussels is a prestigious business location. Irrespective of the size of your company, you will find options to benefit your business on our website.

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