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Why rent executive suites in Edmonton?

Edmonton, Alberta's capital,  is a vibrant city with one-of-a-kind charm. It’s not a huge metropolis on the global scale, but it is among five biggest cities in Canada with the area of  684 square kilometers and around one million residents.The main industries here are gas, petrochemical, oil, logistics, and manufacturing. Edmonton is also a business hub with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. It is quite easy to find skillful employees here thanks to the advanced educational level. Moreover, Alberta employees demonstrate top-level productivity rate compared with the overall  country indexes. More than 60 % of the workforce have higher education and attended additional training. Therefore, it is easy to find an expert in any field. With all these favourable factors, it is no wonder that executive suites for rent in Edmonton are in high demand.

Business- friendly

The city also has a friendly atmosphere for tech startups and innovations. Interestingly, small businesses constitute 95% of all enterprises here. They feel the support of a government and operate smoothly thanks to law taxes and incentive programs. However, there are a few giant business tenants in Edmonton:  AutoCanada, Fountain Tire, Katz, etc.

The metropolis is a great strategic solution because its logistic options are more than just good. Edmonton has a connection with a road system running through the entire country clearing the access to the North, Eastern market, and Pacific. It’s a logistic hub which has connections with the U.S. and Mexico trade corridors. And the International airport provides flights to Europe, America, the Caribbean, etc.


Edmonton central business district coincides with its Downtown and  occupies the very heart of the city. In this prestigious location, you can find a striking variety of furnished offices for rent. And here are destinations to be explored Jasper Ave, theaters, museums, festivals, Elk Island Park, The Ukrainian Village.


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