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Why rent serviced offices in Verona, Italy

Verona is a city in Veneto region, Italy. It is a stunning medieval town built on Adige River. It is  world-famous for being the place of action of Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet." It is one of the major tourist destinations in Italy, although it’s still not as crowded as Rome or Venice. Despite this, Verona owns enormous artistic heritage, annual festivals, great shows, and operas in Arena, ancient amphitheater. Thanks to the huge value of its preserved many ancient Roman monuments and other historical buildings, Verona has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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But Verona is not only history, culture and tourism. Its territory represents one of the most important and dynamic industrial districts not only in Italy but also in Europe. Along with the big industries, like marble and furniture manufacturing, there is still a significant presence of small and medium-sized businesses, focused on the best quality, innovative design and cutting-edge technologies. This business system is so unique that it has often been a case study, analyzed for its success in the effort to copy and integrate it in other regions of the world. Imagine, that you can be one of those lucky entrepreneurs who actually do business here. There is quite a selection of offices for rent in this beautiful region, so you are welcome to find a perfect place and make a reality something that for others is still a dream.

Transport and leisure

Verona is located in the middle of a vital route crossing, granting the city rail access to most of Europe. Additionally, Verona Airport is located only 10 km southwest of Verona.

Verona is gorgeous and inspiring. Add to that numerous churches, several architecturally fantastic bridges, delicious wine, and food from the Veneto area and some fantastic art, and Verona comes up as one of Italy's most attractive cities. Besides, Lake Garda is not far away either. The town hosts a number of exciting events and performances that are usually held at the Arena, giving you a chance to combine the enjoyment of a historical place with the pleasure of world-class entertainment and crazily fun festivities.

When it comes to eating out, you will not be disappointed in Verona either. There is everything you have ever imagined! Head to La Cantina for unforgettable pasta and Italian cuisine, try the mouth-watering seafood at Pescheria i Masenini Trattoria or savor some of Italy’s finest ice cream at Gelateria Verona.

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