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On this page you will find a selection of some of our current collaboration partners. The majority of these are professional operators within the real-estate industry, but that is not a requirement to become a provider at MatchOffice. Our services can be used by everyone who want to have their vacant premises promoted efficiently to a relevant and motivated target group.

If you wish to establish a partnership with MatchOffice for promoting your commercial leases you can read our privacy policy , or you can list your office. For other inquiries concerning co-operation, you are welcome to contact us on or (+45) 39 45 85 58.

Matchoffice business partners


At MatchOffice, we aim to work together with partners, who can make the life of our clients easier.

We have collected a list of our partners on this site, for you to find inspiration and great products, that will make your work even better.

Habu is coworking software made simple

Habu is a software platform, that makes it easier and more fun to manage your coworking spaces. You can take care of memberships, bookings, and billing of your clients right in the system.

Malt is the best place to find freelancers


Find the best freelancers near you. If you have an assignment you need to get solved, Malt is the perfect place for you to go, to find the right freelancer for the job.

Malt is the best place to find freelancers

Cloud Printing Alliance

Cloud Printing Alliance is an alliance between Thinprint Cloud Service and hundreds of printer and router manufacturer to make cloud printing from and to any device, work perfectly together.

Seats2meet logo


Seats2Meet is all about finding people to connect with, in the real world. To grow your network or your business. It is all about innovation, events, and people coming together.

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