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Why rent office space in business centers of Malmö

The city which is entirely oriented on businesspeople, middle and upper-class people. It fits perfectly for those who look for an opportunity to open the business in Sweden. Internet startups, biotech ventures, and many other high-tech startups chooseMalme as their primary business destination.

There are several reasons to do so. Relatively cheap & flexible rent in the business centers, the smooth connection both with Sweden and with Denmark (via Oresund bridge) and fast-growing economy are just some of them.

Furthermore, Malmö  University, which was opened in 1998, provides companies with the highly-qualified workforce. Meanwhile, the jobless rate remains quite high, and salaries are comparatively low. Isn’t it ideally for opening the business in this city?

City life

Despite the fact that Malmö has been an industrial city for decades, it has begun to develop as a center of high-tech businesses. When the industrial era has passed, many huge buildings and warehouses were renovated and turned into cultural objects, such as clubs, contemporary art galleries, interactive museums, etc.

The best area to live & work in Malmö is Western Harbour. Mostly, business owners prefer this area because it’s far away from the industrial district, it has the all necessary infrastructure, kindergartens, schools, parks, yacht marina and golf club nearby.

What is also vital, especially for those, who stay in Malmö for along time or come here often - there 2 marinas in Malmö. Even if you’re not an experienced yachtsman yet, you will enjoy it right after you open the business in Malmö. It seems that almost everyone here owns a yacht, or, at least, small boat.

Serviced offices in Malmö - how to choose?

The Scandinavian balance between life and work affects habits of people here. When you hire workers, they’d rather prefer to work hard for several hours and, then, have some rest, instead of spending many hours in the office. That can look a bit odd for Americans and German business owners and top managers. Nevertheless, such approach has proved itself to be cost-effective.The Scandinavian way of thinking also affects the way companies build business centers in Malo. The best option to rent the office would be the Vastra Hamnen district. Turning Torso, one of the most famous residential buildings of Europe is also located in Malmö. It takes a few minutes to walk from the place you work to the place you live, in case you choose the office suite in this are.


The network of bus lines connects all area of the city. These buses are comfortable, arrive in full accordance with the schedule and carry passengers to any district of the city in 15-20 minutes.

But Malmö is famous not because of buses. The bridge, which is a masterpiece of engineering science, makes Malmö so remarkable. The Oresund bridge connects Malmö, Sweden, with Copenhagen, Denmark. Both cars and train pass by this bridge 24 hours. The train departs every 20 minutes, which enables people, living in Malmö, go in business to Copenhagen.

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