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Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden. It is located in the southernmost administrative region of Sweden – Skåne and is the administrative center of the region. Modern Malmöis one of the most important transport hubs and industrial centers of Scandinavia. It is one of the greatest examples of how the city can survive through collapse and become even more powerful and attractive for tourists. Now the city has a reputation of green eco-city filled with bikes and powered by renewable energy. A strong ecology policy brought a massive impact on Malmö’s image today. It is now known as a city of tech startups and developed IT industry.

City life

Malmö is a city of modern buildings. The past is represented here only through Gamla Stade, which is the Old Town. A central part of the city is filled with architectural monuments and buildings. One of the sights of the city is the 190-meter residential building "Turning Torso". The successful transformation of a poor working-class town with a rapidly declining population into a young university and technology center is the result of the thoughtful work of tens of thousands of people. The architectural and planning change of the city is particularly noticeable in the former industrial part of Malmö, in the Västra Hamnen area (Western Harbor). Moreover, the government of the town together with its citizens developed an outstanding entrepreneurial culture, social entrepreneurship, supported a variety of initiatives that facilitated the creation and development of innovative business models.


The main contributing factor to the thriving economy rise was the economic integration with Denmark brought after the construction of Oresund Bridge. The economics of this region is based on private business companies that carry the lion's share of income to the city budget. Being claimed as university-city, Malmö is filled with smart and inspired students eager to create innovations. Moreover, the city is a magnet for the largest national and international companies offering favorable conditions of business development and numerous advantages. Such giant companies as Mercedes Benz, Panduro, IKEA, Peugeot, Hexpol, Britax, and many others have their representative offices in the city.

Top locations for workspaces

The most business-attractive area of the city is Western Harbor. It is a complex of 600 houses, shops, and office buildings, which are equipped with solar panels and connected to the water circulation system. Free business environment and flexible policy of tax regulation are additional factors to choose Malmö as a place for your business. Various business centers offer options of serviced offices, shared offices, coworking, meeting rooms, and separate rooms for rent. On our site, you will find the best opportunities for you and our provider will help you find the best office Malmö can offer you.

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