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Executive suites - top office choice in Washington

Washington- is the US capital city and one of the most influential ones in the world. It is the center of USA political life - White House, US Capitol, US Supreme Court, and federal ministers are situated on its terrain. At the same time, it is very comfortable for life. It is interesting that there are no skyscrapers in Washington, as it is forbidden to construct buildings taller than the Capitol. However, one can rent A-grade executive office suites in modern and trendy business centers, which offer everything a successful company might need in terms of business premises - prestige,  flexibility, furnishing and office equipment, and what is equally important - proximity to other entrepreneurs, and thus networking opportunities.

Powerful economy

The State of Washington is one of the best economically developed in the country. At the same time, the economy of the city, in the first place, is shaped by employment in the management and services industries. A significant part of local residents are engaged in management, in other words, most of them are federal employees. Besides, Washington is very interesting for tourists, as there are numerous fascinating sites and recreational facilities, which also brings the lion's share to the city budget. Such sectors as education, finance, and science are also vital for the city economy.

Positive business environment

In 2009, Washington was named the USA leader in terms of international investments. Unsurprisingly, many global companies choose it for their representative offices and headquarters. Major US companies in the realm of finance operate here. With all the opportunities,  Washington has turned into a real magnet for youth and people in the business. Modern and comfortable business centers welcome new tenants offering thousands of square meters for rent. Top business premises may be found in different parts of the city. At first, they may seem quite expensive, but if you think of the advantages you get when having an office in Washington, you will understand that it is definitely worth it.

Washington Downtown

Washington Downtown is its central business district filled mostly with office buildings, both modern and historical. This is the very heart of Washington business life, so the transport infrastructure is very well thought-out. There are many metro stations, as well as bus stops and tram lines. As a part of the implementation of city development projects, numerous bicycle routes were constructed, so it is easy to move through the city. Moreover, this part of US capital is drowning in greenery creating a very comfortable atmosphere. Three airports serve the city needs, but Dulles International Airport is the most important. Other districts to consider for office lease are Georgetown, Columbia Heights, Capitol Hill, and others.  Renting flexible workspace in Washington CBD has never been easier - view daily updated offers on our site, order free information and book a viewing in just a few simple steps!

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